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The Next Big Buzzworthy Kid’s Accessory: Gutzy Gear Review

I am crazy for these little collector items called Gutzy Gear and I will tell you why. Gutzy Gear is a collector system that appeals to kids and tweens, maybe even teenagers. You start with a hat or backpack straps (as seen here) and then you build and collect these velcro patches and customize each strap. There are also collector books and visors you can buy to dress up. My girls received some of the backpack straps from my time at Blogher New York this summer and so I let them dress their backpacks up for the first day of school. Payton adored the peace and yin and yang set of Gutzies($5.99 each set) There are hundreds to choose from. The backpack straps are $9.99 super sturdy and they come with one set included. Ainsley’s has the popcorn and popcorn eating guy. I like that these are well made and fun to play with. I was shocked when I tugged on the velcro to attach both kid’s new toys to their brand-spanking new backpacks and felt the composition of the fabric. It’s really well constructed and frankly, for me, all I could think was what a great sensory tool _ the resistance of velcro and the ripping sensation of pulling the patches on and off is good feedback for daughter with sensory processing disorder. has more information on the product and a few games are on the site for kids. Buy, collect or trade them, Gutzy Gear is a fun system of self expression for any school age child. There are SpiderMan and SpongeBob Gutzies available too. Imagine them on straps for your luggage. At the airport these would be immediately recognizable. I think I would like an adult version just for me and my travels.
These get a $$$$ out of $$$$$. I love them. The price isn’t bad either and really they are so durable that I can’t see kids ripping them off and losing them because the velcro is really tough.

Disclosure: I was not paid to post this. I received free product. My opinion is always all my own.

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