Useful and Fantastic Gifts to Get for Hikers

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Are you a hiker? Know someone who loves hiking and exploring? Wondering what presents make the best gifts for hikers? Well I have a few ideas for you to give your outdoor fitness junkie any time of the year.

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Me hiking with Hike Like a Girl in Wyoming last year

If you are considering a gift for a loved one who likes to be outside, or enjoys hiking and camping, here are a few ideas that any hiker will enjoy any time of year for any occasion. They are basic items that are appropriate for someone who likes to day-hike or go on overnight camping trips.

Great Gifts Every Hiker Can Use

Frankly, I am always a bit relieved when I have friends or family with serious hobbies. Their hobbies make it so much easier to shop for them when you need to find gifts. My older girl is pretty easy to buy for because she loves art and drama and reading. So anything artistic is welcome. My younger girl is super athletic, so if it gets her outside and moving then she’s happy.

We all enjoy hiking and being outside walking or exploring. This year, after last Fall’s RV trip through Ontario’s Parks, my younger girl is asking for a fishing pole. I am still hoping to make that happen.

Last year I embraced some epic hikes which challenged me physically and mentally. One was at Lake Lewis in Wyoming and I learned then that hiking in October demands a different set of equipment entirely. It is cold out there climbing rocky paths in the Fall in Wyoming. Talk about a great spot to hike. Wyoming has a lot to offer. Read more about my trip to Wyoming in this post: What’s There to Do In Wyoming?

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Fantastic Gifts to Get for Hikers

Hiking Essential Gift #1: A New Pack

Every hiker likes to have a backpack, so why not get a new one? For those who prefer day-hikes instead of overnight camping, a pack with a 1,000-2,000 cubic-inch capacity is fine. Backpackers who are going out for weekend trips or longer will need larger packs. When in doubt, look at the pack that is being used now and consider getting the newer version of that pack. Amazon has some exceptional hiking backpacks.

Essential Gift #2: A New Pair of Boots

Footwear is another item that every hiker needs for getting out on the trails, whether they are lightweight trail running shoes or heavy-duty hiking boots. Because boots can be difficult to buy, consider using this as an excuse for an early Christmas gift by taking a trip to the store and having them fitted. Also walk around in the boots in the house for a few days to get the feel for them before going outside.

I have a pair of Blundstones that work but that being said my oldest also loves these and uses them so I need to invest this year in a great pair just for myself.

Essential Gift #3: A New Water Bottle

Everyone needs to stay hydrated when hiking, so why not get a new water bottle? Consider buying a bottle that is made of stainless steel, such as from Kleen Kanteen, or from plastic that is BPA-free. Bottles don’t have to be wrapped always when giving these as a gift. Instead, place a bow on the top cap or on the side of the bottle.

I actually need a small collapsible one of these bottles too because I ski in the winter often and we take a lot of trips obviously as a family travel blogger and travel writer. When I am packing I need things that take up a minimum amount of space and also frankly when I am skiing I’d like to have a collapsible bottle I could squeeze into the pocket of a ski jacket too.

Essential Gift #4 – Hiking Skirt

Honestly didn’t even know these hiking skirts were a thing until I went on an organized hike in Wyoming with Hike Like a Girl and then I was extremely grateful that Rebecca, the owner of Hike Like a Girl had a container full of extra clothing. The skirt, although it looked kind of kooky, kept me super warm and that was the goal. Plus it moved well on the hike. PERFECT.

Essential Gift #5 – Good Hiking Socks

Keep your feet warm and dry and you will be so much better off. Plus let’s be real the socks that I buy at Winners or Shoppers Drug Mart have pretty much no elastic and when inside a boot will quickly end up slipping and getting wedged into the toe of my boots or shoes. That is some discomfort right there. Spring for the good socks and keep them for hiking only.

If you like hiking crew socks these ones by Merrell are great. Merrell makes high quality products. And these Merino wool socks make great gifts to give for hikers

Hiking Essential Gift #6: A New Sleeping Bag

The last two on my list are related to getting a good night sleep. Nobody can argue with that as a good gift. The last two however are for overnight hikes obviously. I have not done many of those, but we have camped nearby the hiking trails and needed these in our trailer.

A good sleeping bag is a perfect gift for someone who is thinking of doing more overnight camping. You will have to choose between down or synthetic insulation, and how low of a temperature rating you will want to get. Temperature rating is important for sleeping bags, especially in Fall or Winter and especially in Canada, where the temperature often gets well below zero.

Essential Gift #7: A New Sleeping Pad

To go along with a new sleeping bag, consider buying a new sleeping pad as a companion gift. Most likely that loved one will not have a sleeping pad, and it is an important part of an overall sleep system to help a camper be more comfortable and to also insulate the body from the ground.

Gift #8: A Camping/ Hiking Blanket

Still stuck wondering what gifts to get for hikers on any of your gifting lists? Well, how about a super warm lightweight camping blanket. We love this Montem camping blanket. This weather resistant Montem sneaky snuggler is too bulky for a backpack but you might consider it for camping anyways.

Here’s a super thin version of a camping and hiking blanket that’s good just for squishing into your backpack and using as ground cover if needed at the beach or in the forest. It is not for warmth but is great size wise and works well for ground cover. This is one of my new favourite gifts to get for hikers because of how compact it is. Throw one into your pack, or clip it onto your waist when you set out for the day.

Gift #9: Books About Hiking

Books About Hiking. Particularly Photography books. Hiking Books and books with gorgeous travel photos make fantastic gifts any time, any occasion.

Awesome Gifts to Keep Your Hiking Friends Happy

These pieces of gear make great gift ideas for the hiker or camper on your list. Where are you hiking next?

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