15 great gardening ideas

15 Great Gardening Ideas

15 Great Gardening Ideas will help you make the most of your outdoor space this year. This post also contains an affiliate ad at no extra cost to you. 
15 great gardening ideas

Spring is here! I love growing things. It is one of the passions I only discovered when I bought my first house with my husband. Until then, I joked I was a serial plant killer. I could kill pretty much any houseplant given to me. BUT, given an outdoor garden and a genuine yard, that all changed. I started off growing the things I loved and quickly found that I enjoyed how therapeutic it felt. That said, I can always use some help figuring out how to grow specific things, and how to help grow certain vegetables and prevent pests. This year I am looking at container gardening. How about you?

15 Great Gardening Ideas

1. How to Transplant Seedlings into the Garden
2. Coffee Pod Seed Starters
3. Gardening Tips 101
4. Organic Chemical-Free Gardening
5. Small Space Gardening: Apartment Living
6. DIY Free Seed-Starting Supplies
7. Vertical Succulent Garden
8. Container Garden Vegetables for Beginners
9. DIY Floral Sconces
10. Edible Gardening Tips for Beginning Gardeners
11. Gardening Tips for Beginners
12. How to Get Your Kids to Love the Family Vegetable Garden
13. DIY Watering Can
14. Free Square Foot Gardening Planner
15. Guide to Great Compost

Gardening Can Be Relaxing

Gardening is one of those things I now enjoy doing because I find it relaxing and sometimes there’s a little bit of fitness involved too. Are you a green thumb or a brown thumb? What kinds of things do you love to plant?

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