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20 Elegant DIY Winter Manicures

Are you creative and clever when it comes to makeup and manicures? I am not the most creative or talented in that regard. But my two daughters are forever googling DIY nail tutorials. Some of their favourite Youtubers are beauty vloggers. So, I figured this year I might bundle up a few pretty winter manicure ideas here to share with you and with my girls too.


I love the cute little designs that some people can pull off without any effort at all. Well, at least it looks that way to me, because it takes me forever just to draw something simple like a rainbow. This year I am going to try a couple of these with my younger daughter. She’s all about the manicures right now and she loves nail polish. In fact this is the first year she has told me quietly: “Mom, I don’t mind clothes this year for Christmas and I would like something girly too.” That kind of makes me chuckle because she’s not a girly girl at all.

First up for me is the Snowflake from this batch of winter manicures. And I think the candy cane manicure looks simple enough. We could do that one. Some of these winter manicures are transfers and some are designs painted on by hand. Which will you try?

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Where do you get your ideas for manicures?


20 Elegant Winter Manicures

1. Two Different Christmas Wreath Designs
2. Let It Snow
3. Manicure Mondays Candy Cane Nails
4. Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial
5. Abstract Christmas Tree Glitter Manicure
6. Christmas Wreath Nails
7. Mad for Plaid
8. Sweater Weather
9. Pantoneís Emerald & Chanel Couture
10. Cookies for Santa Nail Tutorial
11. Snowflake Nail Transer Tutorial
12. Manicure Mondays Christmas Ornament Nail Art
13. A Shimmery Penguin
14. Easy Christmas Trees
15. Christmas Nail Art
16. Frozen
17. Christmas Lights Nail Art
18. Christmas Eve Nail Inspiration
19. Winter Nails
20. Candy Cane Stripes and Lights

Happy Holidays! Hope you are staying warm.

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