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A Note to the Month of June: Signed Just the Mom of a Child With Special Needs

Oh lovely July when we throw our school cares out the window, in more ways than one.

     Dear Month of June:

            I hate you madly. You suck the life out of me every year. My family needs a bloody vacation as my child is off the wall and the school is spazzing me out. Right now I am trying to come up with the smartest way to tell the school to quit losing my daughter. See she reacts to June by running away and leaving school and such. It’s called fight or flight. It’s pretty common with sensory processing disorder and FASD and so many other special needs. So my daughter doesn’t kick someone’s arse at school, she runs away – I have found her in the parking lot and in various other spots. At least once nobody noticed she was gone. Thankfully, I did. Thankfully I didn’t leave quickly in my van. My husband last week – while I was tending my Mother in another town because she has been sick – told me she bolted and he found her in parking lot. Now June, you are a relatively wise month and I think you recognize too that a parking lot is not a spot for children.

            Today she simply wouldn’t leave me. For a time she lay in a ball on the ground beside me in gym class.  I think they call that inclusive education. Other kids staring at a child in a ball on the floor. Inclusion is not watching from the floor or the van paralyzed with fear. And yet this – her favourite class – gym in the same gymnasium where back in December she received a lovely award – no, two awards for student of the month and a reading/library award. Lovely December! I would take you or even snowy January over the scary month of June.

           June I hate you with a passion only secondary to the hatred I occasionally feel for the education system – the same one that pulled the EA away from my daughter back in May because frankly April was a very good month.  Now June I have only this to say. Next year when I meet you again you better look out. I will kick your lazy arse if you try this again. July July July I can hardly wait for you because I am reasonably sure I can do a better job when less stressed out by the issue of school losing my kid.

             Just a Mom of a Child with Special Needs.

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  • Skees

    I was so hoping she’d have a better week. Of course June hasn’t helped anything with it’s crazy weather thrown in as well.

  • Anonymous

    My daughter’s school has the same inclusion program! The general opinion is that she functions fine…oh, except that 30 minute screaming episode in the computer lab, or the daily episodes of sobbing at her desk and then there was the time she tried to bite the LST. My older son can’t concentrate in his class because he’s so worried about being embarassed by her next rage episode outside of his classroom and my 5 yr asks “did ya do any screaming at school today”?, but she’s doing fine…yes inclusion is fabulous. And as far as June goes….apparently occupational therapists feel it would be a waste of time to implement their sensory strategies with only 4 weeks of school left. Yes, we wouldn’t want to find out if they help BEFORE September. July can’t come soon enough.