1. Christy Garrett says

    I am glad that everything worked out at camp. I loved going to camp as a child and never wanted to go home. They always had activities to keep you busy. I am glad that your daughter didn’t have any issues, sometimes a change of scenery helps kids adjust to life experiences, even special needs children. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Annie Brown says

    With proper supports our children can SOAR and FLY and be free. This just warmed my heart reading this. It is wonderful they had a great time at camp.

  3. Sny Med says

    Paula, what a lovely, lovely blog post. It saddens me that this camp is the exception to the rule, and that you’ve waited so long for inclusion. What delights me the most, is your girls now have a place where they can return year after year.


  4. Jennifer Van Huss says

    I believe inclusion is VERY important. Since my kids were born they have had weekly visits from a lady my moms works with. She is blind and mentally delayed. My kids are use to helping her move about, they tell her jokes and always make sure she is included in the conversations they are having. The funny part is if you were to asking them if there was anything different about her they would say she’s normal. That’s the way it should be for EVERYONE!

  5. Sandy A says

    How wonderful to read about such a great camp experience! I was born with a disability but, back when I was a child, there was no such thing as “inclusion” was more about “exclusion”. In fact, there was no such thing as a camp experience for me. I always heard things like “oh she can’t do that” “don’t make her do that, she’ll hurt herself”. I’m so glad attitudes have changed and that there are positive camp experiences out there that include kids with special needs. Great blog, Paula!

  6. Lyne Proulx says

    Glad they had such a great experience at camp. I would have been worried all week lol! Letting go is not an easy thing… There should definitely be more camps like this one, inclusion is so important at an early age. Love the post, thanks for sharing.