Making the Time for Adults Only Travel

Weird but true. We travel a lot actually and did so before we had kids. But ever since having children we have not been able to find the time to just cut loose and go somewhere as adults. You know adults only travel. Well, maybe that’s not such a weird story after all. I am sure a few of you have a similar story. Finding child care is hard. In fact when special needs kids are involved it is actually almost impossible.


But soon we will go away together just the two of us for a grownup trip. Reason number one – it is to celebrate a busy year and a recently birthday too. My husband turns 50 soon and I am in my 40s and I realized it’s so time to do this just for us. Reason number two – travel with adults only is SOOOOO much cheaper than with the entire family. Couples travel is the way to go if you can make it happen.




By the time you read this I will be away. On my first adults only vacation since becoming a parent.

This year was a great year, busy and prosperous. My business grew and so did we. My mother settled into her new retirement home happily.

What we did not have was any down time this past year. It was busy, and then some. No trips, no breaks, just a quick working week at the cottage with family in August. I was busy writing a magazine article at the cottage (not complaining at all.)


My kids have often travelled with us and we have written about economical last minute family travel here. We have made many trips about economical family adventures and we have made a lot of memories. What my husband and I have not done though is take time for ourselves.

So this year, when I mentioned to my fabulous sister-in-law that I was thinking about gifting my husband and myself a trip for our Christmas present, and she said: “Sounds great. I will take your kids,” the offer was sealed. It’s hard carving out time just to be husband and wife, or to even have an uninterrupted conversation when kids arrive. I love every second of being a parent and we fought harder than most just to become parents because of our health care challenges and infertility.


But truly after 20 years of marriage, 11 + years as parents and scarcely a moment of quiet since, it’s time.

I don’t expect to win big at the slots or anything, but I have enough good fortune to last me several years and I hope to recount an exciting adventure here for you next week.

So tell me have you ever gone on a vacation just with your spouse? How do you carve out time just for you and your partner?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.