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Back to School Means Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Workout Brought to You by Vega Sport #Review

August was a little crazy – and frankly the tiniest bit lazy here too. Oh work was plentiful and my kids were very busy. But working out slid by the wayside, unless you call chasing my brother’s cute kids around the beach in Southampton a work out. Anyways, this morning back to school for this mom meant back to my regularly scheduled workout. Because 40, my friends, is not kind to your butt, nor is blogging for that matter, and forget metabolism. Once you hit 40 your metabolism begins a slow geriatric crawl up hill. Every pound you gain seems three times harder to work off. So back to the routine workout it is.
Now I need to declare up front that I am a Vega ambassador. Pretty happy about that gig because – have you seen their athletes? Sculpted. Healthy and Hot. That’s what I am going for. No, I am not a professional athlete, not even close, just a blogger and a Mom on a constant quest to get healthy and fit. Vega periodically sends me their products and supplements. Protein powder and protein bars all have their place in my pantry. But this Vega Sport Sugar-free energizer is my newest product and I am 100 % thrilled with it. I started using it regularly a bit over one week ago. My husband actually reached for it first. He does martial arts regularly and has become a fitness/healthy eating snob over the past two years. When he tried this lemon lime sugar-free energizer before swimming a couple of weeks ago he was crowing about the taste. So I hopped on board and gave it a spin. Lemon lime sugar-free energizer comes in a sachet you can easily add to your water bottle. It increases energy, endurance and mental focus. The Vega Sport sugar-free energizer also comes in acai berry flavour. The cost is from $1.69 to $49.99 depending on the amount you buy. It’s available in Canada and the U.S.
I tested Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer in lemon lime again this morning right before my workout and felt a literal spring in my step. My moves weren’t as difficult as they were last week at centergy. My flexibility returned and my stamina was good.  My balance was excellent. Also I don’t feel the need to reach for four more cups of coffee. (Those of you who know me well know that is a huge statement.) Mental focus is my goal daily here. Sometimes it is a struggle with so many things competing for my attention. But today Vega Sport sugar-free energizer is a great addition enhancing my day and my workout. 
Vega Sport sugar-free energizer is a clean plant-based product, like all the Vega products. The energizer adds only five calories to your drink. The sugar-free component means this one is sweetened with Stevia extract. It is also dairy, gluten and soy free. Most of all, I really like the taste. This Vega energizer is to be taken before your workout. It is only for adults and contains ginseng and ginger, along with turmeric and green tea, along with potassium, devil’s claw and yerba mate leaf. But most of the bang here comes from the 1000 mgs of coconut seed. 
I look forward to bringing you more Vega product reviews over the coming months. This Vega Sugar-Free Energizer is top notch fuel for pre-workout preparation. It is only for adults and is ideal for lower intensity workouts such as yoga and pilates. This one gets a $$$$$ out of $$$$$ for me because I finally have something I like and this adds to my ability to function and work out. For more information check
I received product for free to facilitate review. My opinion is all my own.

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