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Back to School Shopping with Sears #SearsBTS

Five outfits. Two girls. Just over $100. 
I Love the math this year!!

Yesterday was Back To School Day. We started the day with martial arts day camp, because it is a very busy work week for me, but I pulled my youngest out for a quick school visit to familiarize her with the building and the classroom again. It’s one of those necessary events that happen most years in late August. The visit went really well and it was funny seeing the school so empty and messy still. (Lots of work to do there before Sept. 3rd) Ainsley met up with her teacher and gave her a quick update on her summer and had a brief look at her classroom. It’s her first year in a portable and there are some nerves about that. The visit went well and her new teacher is very sweet. The August Back to School visit helps transition my girl back to school. That couldn’t have gone better really.

After camp, I picked my kids up and we headed to Masonville Mall in London to do some heavy lifting. I mean shopping. It was also girl’s night. That’s what we call the night when Dad goes out for martial arts class and we watch TV or go shopping or do crafts. It’s just us girls and there’s something fun about that. Sears is the ultimate family friendly store. It caters to all ages and carries quality products and clothing at affordable prices. This is a store that bridges the gap. I used to take my Mom shopping here and we could shop for the kids too, and my brother’s kids as well.

My kids, well, alright everyone here is a massive fan of the YTV show Next Star. And every season the talented kids on that show get a makeover and they head to Sears, who smartly sponsors the show. So, my kids know fashion and they know what they want. See they want to duplicate the looks on Next Star. I think we did pretty well actually. What do you think?

The jeans were adorable and available in several fresh colours. Then I spied this top with flare at the waist and well she spied Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt and we managed two outfits with that single pair of colourful jeans. We carted out mountain of clothing to the checkout tweeting and instagramming our trip all the way. Then we took advantage of the evening to head out to Back to School dinner. It was a pretty great girl’s night and very good preparation for the new school year. Now we just need haircuts.

I like the Kidvantage Lifetime Wearout Guarantee. Basically as long as you have proof of purchase and a child in the family continues to wear the same size clothing or footwear Sears will replace anything that wears out. Sweet deal. I am going to hold onto my receipt because one of my girls is hard on clothing. Oh and don’t forget the Sears Club Points. I love those and wrote about them back in the winter. Have you been back to school shopping yet?

And for limited time you can win one of several $50 Sears gift card to help your Back to School budget and there’s also one grand prize of $500!! Visit the Sears Canada Facebook site to enter daily!

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