Backyard Science Experiment Photos

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Summer 411 is in full swing here, and I have to say this is one of the best ideas I’ve had yet. At the beginning of the summer I looked up a number of fun backyard science experiments my daughters and I could do and it’s been a real highlight for us. Most of the experiments are quite cheap and several are worth repeating. The last week of school I settled on about 12 experiments and took my five-year-old grocery shopping for all the ingredients. She proudly told random strangers, “We’re doing science experiments” which was a good thing as my cart was full of some pretty weird stuff. I’ve gotta say I just can’t get enough of the diet cola mentos geysers. Here are some random shots of our really cool experiments that have helped my daughters have fun. Look for more as the weeks go on…..
As you can see my children are having a blast – literally…For more on how to do the experiments follow thriftymommastips for regular updates.

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