Beautiful Hair Builds Confidence


There are very few things in  life that can make a woman feel as sexy as a great hair colour, style or cut. I am that girl. Always have been. The girl who likes her hair to look good and demands that her hair products or brands keep pace with a busy lifestyle. In my 40s I have a need to touch up those little annoying greys that show up every so often at the temple. I like quality hair products that don’t dry my hair and lend shine at the same time. I have naturally dry, curly and wavy hair, so I hunt for products that work well, hydrating, defining curls, taming frizz and not stripping hair of that little bit of a colour boost I choose to enhance my own shade with every so often. So John Frieda is made for people like me.


IMG_3399  IMG_3397 

John Frieda precision foam colour is a dynamite product. I was intrigued when it hit the market in Canada. I have coloured my hair on and off now for 15 years. I did it before I needed to, just because I felt like a change. I was Tiffany Red when it suited my fancy. Lately I love my browns. A lovely rich brunette shade makes my heart happy. I love ten minute hair colour. It should almost be the standard, because really who has hours to sit with a towel on your shoulder trapped in a bathroom hoping A: your kids don’t have a crisis or B: someone doesn’t knock at the door or C: Grandma doesn’t call having a health care issue you need to manage. Quick is good; shiny great quality products even better. This is my first experience with John Frieda precision foam hair colour and I chose shade 5G medium golden brown. I received product free from Kao Brands, and will be using John Frieda for a few months as they’ve agreed to sponsor my hair care needs during Blogher 12 and blog conference season. I am ecstatic about this new relationship because John Frieda makes hair look good.



The details are all so savvy, even the packaging is sexier than the other competing brands. Black gloves for the mixing process make you feel you are at the salon and yet, it’s you controlling the colour and the timing. I was the tiniest bit skeptical about the mixing process. So you start with the same basic process as other hair colours do, but instead of the shaking that mixes gel colours or regular colours, you tilt the mix gently five times. As I was doing this I was a bit worried, honestly the colour ingredients looked a bit liquidy and not as consistent as I would expect. But then you squeeze the middle of the bottle and remarkably when all the mixing is done the liquid foams just as it should. I am clearly no chemist, but that part was cool. And there is a lot of foam, more than I needed for my long hair. So simple. I applied it to my dry unwashed hair. I rinsed out after and applied the conditioner provided. The conditioner itself is magical. Just a small touch did an amazing job covering my hair from root to end and conditioning it to a shine. (Curly hair often doesn’t shine because of the curl and texture, so I am a big fan of products that add shine to my hair.) 5G Medium Golden Brown turned out a bit darker than I usually go. It has great shine and is multidimensional as promised. I spend a fair bit of time in the sun gardening and vacationing at the beach in summer, so I am anxious to see how the shade holds up.


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Before                                       And after                            


I feel more confident when my hair looks good and thanks to John Frieda and Kao Brands, I can carry that through conference season!

Disclosure: I was given this product free from Kao Brands for review purposes. John Frieda is my sponsor for Blogher 12. I was not paid to post this and my opinion is all my own.

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