Clean All Your Messes Up with Hoover ONEPWR Floormate Jet

My kids are pretty crafty and creative. I’m not complaining. I actually love that about them and always have. What I don’t love though are the messes they create when making things. That’s why I am now loving the Hoover ONEPWR Floormate Jet.

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Hoover ONEPWR floorjet and shampoo bottles

Crafty Teens are No Match for the Floormate Jet

In my house, we have a desk in each of the kid’s bedrooms and we also have one in the basement too. Occasionally I like the opportunity to move around the house and work where I want to. I don’t always want to be confined to my office. The kids are similar, to a degree. My crafty artsy teens actually often still make art projects. In fact, my eldest has taken art classes every single year at school and had some intense projects she brought home last year and this year too.

So, it’s not uncommon to have watercolours and paints all over that space. Paint brushes too. Unfortunately, watercolours, paints and pencil crayon shavings leave one heck of a mess at times. The space beneath the desk where they work has had some stained spots for quite a while now. I’d be a huge liar, if I said that didn’t annoy me. Oh, I fully understand the mess that creativity and childhood takes, but those stains are maddening.

Or should I say they WERE maddening? There were 3-4 stains beneath the desk that would not come out. So, I put the Hoover ONEPWR Floormate Jet to work to see if it could budge them. Surprisingly, it removed the stains pretty quickly. Since it was so effective and fast I kind of wondered what took me so long to give it a try.

The Hoover ONEPWR LineUp

The Hoover ONEPWR Floormate Jet is cordless, which I love. The entire ONEPWR lineup is cordless and relies on interchangeable rechargeable lithium batteries. So, the battery that comes with the Hoover Blade + can also go in the Hoover hard surface sweeper, or the task light and so on.

The Hoover ONEPWR Floormate Jet

Hoover Floormate Jet cord-free vacuum makes it easy to do small areas, spot clean, or vacuum stairs. It works on both hard floors ( wood, vinyl and tile ) and carpets and its ease of use makes it a joy for those of us who don’t love cleaning. Which is most of us, really.

So What are the Specs?

  • Vacuum while washing for a one-step clean with cord-free convenience.
  • Cleans multiple sealed surfaces including hardwoods, tile, laminate and refreshes area rugs.
  • Microfiber brush roll gently washes & scrubs to loosen debris and clean multiple floor types.
  • Powerful suction picks up wet & dry messes helping floors dry faster than conventional cleaning methods.
  • SprayClean™ nozzle and trigger system gives you the control to use cleaning solution when and where you need it.
  • Great for homes with pets – tackle even the toughest pet messes with the engineered microfiber multi-surface brush roll.
  • Two tank system keeps cleaning solution and dirty water separate. That is important because who wants the dirty water washing your floors? That makes no sense.
  • LED dashboard monitors battery life and cleaning mode.
  • Rinse & storage tray included for easy clean up
  • Powered by the ONEPWR™ Lithium-Ion battery for the fade-free power and runtime to clean anywhere, anytime without being tethered to a cord.
  • Every ONEPWR™ Battery works with every ONEPWR™ Product.

Other Reasons to Love It

Also comes with a 2 Year Limited Product Warranty. The Hoover Floormate Jet cordless hard floor cleaner works well and is a great addition to your house any time of year. You can definitely use this during the holidays.

Right now you can also enter for a chance to win. Follow the instructions below for a chance. Canada Only Please. The Floormate Jet sells for $499.99!!

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