Breville Tea Maker – Getting My Tea Fix in a New Way

The Breville Tea Maker is a new way for me and tea lovers like me to enjoy their favorite beverage. I’m a tea lover. I have been for as long as I can remember. My mom and grandmother were both big time tea drinkers, and I got that love from them. I love all kinds of tea – iced tea, hot tea, chai tea and tisanes too. You name a tea, I have probably tried it. That goes double for loose leaf teas. You just can’t beat them, especially in the cold weather. With the Breville Tea Maker, I can enjoy my favorite teas the right way.


The Breville Tea Maker – A Perfect Cup Every Time

The thing you have to know about tea is that it’s finnicky. Different teas need different water temperatures and steeping times. Black, Green, White, and Oolong teas all have different requirements, and not brewing them exactly right can dramatically affect the flavor. I have made absolutely blissful cups of tea, and my kids have made me some amazing cups of tea too. Occasionally I have also made some really overly strong or bitter teas. Like, undrinkable.

With my new Breville Tea Maker, I have no worries on that front. This small appliance is so smart. It actually has settings for different types of teas. You can fully program it for different teas, water temperatures, and steep times to ensure that every single cup of tea is the best cup ever. And for a tea lover like me, that’s a huge deal. I can even set the time that it starts, so I can wake up to a hot cup of delicious tea.

German Made Schott glass kettle is durable and stain resistant too.

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The Breville Tea Maker is just the thing if you are a tea loving Canadian, like me. We have several Breville Canada appliances here and love them. We use The Breville Quick Touch Crisp every day.

Worth It!

Breville makes beautiful looking small appliances that are worth the price because they always have some new smart technological component that will make you feel like you are living like a millionaire. Quick Touch Crisp takes something simple like a soggy pizza crust and makes it perfect and crisp. The waffle maker from Breville makes waffles so good you feel like you are staying at a five star resort with a chef preparing your breakfast. The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro was my dream present last year.

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The Breville Tea Maker Has Made Me Very Happy

So far, my Breville Tea Maker has me in complete tea Nirvana. Not the angsty band, the wonderful tea filled place I often go to when I go out to buy a really great cup of tea. But guess what? Now I can make the perfect cup any time I want at home. I’ve been putting my newest toy through its paces, and it has managed to exceed my expectations every time on every type of tea I’ve tried. The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently agitating the leaves to precisely infuse your tea. That actually amuses me in a weird way.

Perfect Winter Tea

I’m looking forward to a winter filled with snow outside, and a warm cup of delicious tea sitting next to my reading table, or on my desk while I host a twitter party, or in my cold hands after a wonderful afternoon of skiing. THAT makes me very happy and it makes me feel like winter is doable this year.

Get Your Cuppa

If you’re a hard core tea lover like me, I encourage you to get a Breville Tea Maker, it’s smart, one touch programming capabilities make it super easy to use, and the tea it makes is FANTASTIC. This is the perfect gift for the tea lover on your Christmas list this year.

It gets high marks in my gift guide for this season.


Compact Version of the Breville Tea Maker that I love.

My Favourite Tea Maker from Breville


Updated – There is also a compact version of my Favourite Tea Maker now. So, if you need something a little smaller check the compact tea maker from Breville out. (see link above) 

I received a Breville Tea Maker to facilitate this post. Post may also contain affiliate links as a service to my readers. My opinion is all my own and it is truthful.

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