Children’s Christmas Letter Printable

Happy December everyone!! This is one of my favourite months, but also one of my busiest months. Around here business is crazy during the month of December. I am wrapping up several year end accounts and posts and I am swimming in content. I usually have a gift guide happening too. Let’s face it December is a social media marketing dream. I enjoy that but, there’s also all the other regular Christmas details. Like shopping for Christmas presents, plotting a family gathering and a meal or two, as well as planning some ski trips. Here’s one small freebie Christmas letter printable that your kids can enjoy during this busy season.

Christmas Letter Printable

I know life is busy in December for everyone, especially for all my readers who are parents! So, that’s why I love to toss in a few free Christmas printables and goodies that will help you out each year. Last year I published these adorable printable gift tags that went over well. The year before that I had a whole array of printables for kids and vintage gift tags that were old fashioned and super cute. You can easily print out any of these if you wish! Hopefully these will help your budget and also keep your kids from climbing the walls. It’s a fine line between helping them anticipate a fun season and winding them up into overstimulation hyperactive territory. Trust me, I know.

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There are always tonnes of free Christmas printables here on my Pinterest printables board.

Check out the cute Kid’s Christmas jokes I published yesterday.

Happy Holidays and I hope you have a lovely Christmas season!

Here is a Christmas Letter Printable for you.

Click on the link below and save it and print it out for your son or daughter.

I figured this could be either a Santa Letter or simply a Christmas letter printable letter to someone special.


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