Christmas Comes Early at Shes Connected

Christmas came early for many of us who attended the first ever shesconnected conference in Toronto yesterday. First we earned a spot on a list of the top 100 most connected digital women in Canada. Then we headed out to a giant conference that looked a lot like a giant tweetup at times. (#sccto hash tag was on fire and trended for a bit in Ottawa.) And Oh, she said blushing, did I mention the swag? Unbelievable. See below. Kobo, Calvin Klein, The Kit, Kraft Foods, Smashbox, Egg Farmers of Ontario, Booty Camp Fitness, Shoppers Drug Mart Look Good Feel Better, Bourgois and Maple Leaf were some of the amazing sponsors. Oops almost forgot Coca Cola  and the Seagram’s ladies.

It was also the friends IRL. (In real life) Oh we know each other in a digital millennial mom kind of way sharing moments, tips and tricks on line. But face time isn’t just an app. I met so many of my Canadian Mommy blogger counterparts yesterday that I will never remember them all. But here’s a shout out to Nugglemama and Nolie’s Place, Those2girls, AccustomedChaos and Mom2Michael.
(Raising My Boys Blogger Deborah Coombs gets her makeup done by Bourgois)
And the connections. Blogging and social media, as we all heard yesterday is the fastest growing media ever in history. So for companies not to be on the proverbial bandwagon is just not good business. Blogging, social media and the art of business in the Milennium is all about connections. Blogging, tweeting, Linked in and Facebook are all 24/7 opportunities to connect with your audience and have a concentrated two-way conversation that is instantaneous. Brands that aren’t engaging are missing instant feedback on new initiatives, products and the opportunity to generate some good public relations. Shesconnected conference founder Donna Marie Antoniadis pulled it all together and managed to do an incredible job at connecting people, bloggers and brands.

Marina Glogovac of Kobo, a company that clearly gets their market and is using social media to “engage and interact.”

Maple Leaf gets huge points with this Mom for desparately trying to rebrand and position themselves as healthy and safe with a great new line of all natural meats. After last year’s tragic listeria headlines it took some fancy footwork to get here                                                 

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  • Cindy

    I wish I could have gone! I’ve just started blogging again… But I was absolutely needed at work yesterday. I’m off now until Monday though. Maybe next time!

  • Anonymous

    Boy, are you a media hog or what. From free junk to expoliting your kids—how can you possibly use your kids names in this blog—didn’t CAS screen you to gte them –how is that right !? Why do you think it is necessary to share everything?? Oh yeah, your greed and self-righteous complex. Get a clue lady, you are doing no one any favors, specifically your ‘special needs’ kids or your self absorbed self.

  • Skees

    Hey Paula,

    Looks like you did really well considering you couldn’t talk much. I thought about going briefly, so maybe I’ll join you next year. Be nice if something like this happened in London.