Mid-day snacks

Weight Watchers Salted Caramel Brownie Bliss

Mid-day snacks
Mid-day snacks never looked better

I am all out of these scrumptious Weight Watchers Salted Caramel Brownie Bliss treats. Which is a total drag, because this will eventually impact my bottom line. (Pun fully intended) See I blog, as you might be aware, and that means endless periods of writing and staring at computer while sitting on my derriere. I love what I do. It combines writing, marketing and being creative with generating real results for clients and consulting with other clients through my social media consulting business Thrifty Mom Media.

I really enjoy what I do, but working at home is hard on your body in some ways. For instance, I eat worse when I am working at home. Sometimes husband actually texts me from work to say – Hey go eat lunch. It makes no sense, I know. Eating habits should be better based on the fact that I work twenty feet from my kitchen, right? But they aren’t and when I want to grab something I reach for it quickly. Often that means grabbing a cookie, a coffee, some crackers, maybe a hunk of cheese, even sometimes jelly beans. EEP!

I am almost 100 % certain that my butt has been the part of my body that has suffered the most due to my blogging. Blogger butt is in fact a very real and tragic consequence of working at my computer. Much like office butt. But Weight Watchers has some beautiful and delicious health conscious little treats for people like me. One of those treats is their new Salted Caramel Brownie Bliss. I mean, hello, salted caramel. YUM!

I met some representatives of the Weight Watchers brand at Mom 2.0 this past May. One of the most interesting conferences I attended this year was Mom 2.0 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an impressive lineup of topics, guest speakers and fantastic brands. Plus I shared a room with a couple of my favourite bloggers on the planet so the journey was well worth it. One of the brands that I connected with during the conference was Weight Watchers. They had regular room drops of their brownies. There are some mint flavoured brownies and triple chocolate brownies in the Brownie Bliss line. So every night we had a package of either Mint Chocolate Brownie Bliss or Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss dropped off. I sampled them immediately, in the interest of doing my job of course. These Weight Watchers brownies are extremely tasty, fresh and bite-sized. I might not reach for them instead of a brownie or cupcake kind of thing, but I would definitely replace the chocolate I snack on with these. They are so moist and tasty, that you are pretty well tricked into feeling like you are eating something small from the bakery, or the chocolate shop.


I loved the Mint Chocolate Brownie Bliss treats. They taste a bit like Girl Guide cookies, but whereas you might try to eat the entire box of Girl Guide cookies you can stop at one (maybe two) here. The best part of these Weight Watchers Salted Carmel Brownie Bliss treats though is that they don’t taste like they are low in calories. They taste rich and satisfying like the best chocolates or baked goods. Don’t believe me? Then go buy some and try them yourself. Or watch this: http://www.tastingisbelievingchallenge.com/weightwatchers/tastechallenge/video

These Weight Watchers Salted Caramel Brownie Bliss snacks are 90 calories each and made with real caramel. They taste great and are 2 points on the Weight Watchers program. You can find them http://www.weightwatchers.com/shop/categoryshowcase.aspx?pageid=1080651&navid=Sponsor. 

I received some product in order to facilitate this post. My opinion is all my own. 

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