Cooking With Kids–Delicious Lemon Thyme Pork Tenderloin


Pork Tenderloin is always a huge hit here. So it doesn’t take much work to dress it up for my kids and make it a great family meal. This is my Cooking With Kids recipe for this week and yes, the kids helped a bit, but this is a recipe you need to be careful with, because raw meat can be dangerous if not handled correctly.


I wish I could convey how amazingly delicious this is. Start with Pork tenderloin. Plain. Vegetable oil or olive oil and Clubhouse Flavourful Recipe Mix Lemon Thyme Pork.

Take the pork tenderloin and roll it in a couple teaspoons full of oil. Roll the pork and seasoning from Clubhouse together then cook in oven for 30-45 minutes at 375 degrees.

So scrumptious! My kids loved it, but I loved it more. (Pretty awesome and easy main part of your meal.) I never liked pork tenderloin when I was a kid, but hey that’s probably because we didn’t make it like this! Enjoy! See you next week!

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