Cute Kid’s Lunch Box Notes to Share

When our kids were younger they took the bus to school. The day could be awfully long without us, or so I thought anyways. I mean I know it was long for me often without them. So, I sometimes loved adding cute lunch box notes to their lunch boxes.

My two kids struggled with anxiety too so sometimes the separation anxiety was high, especially with my youngest child. For years, I would give them each a business card tucked into their back packs. I know that sounds funny to some people. But for my girls it was the extra reassurance that they had my phone number and they could reach me anytime. It was a small but helpful strategy that worked for our family.

These cute lunch box notes for kids are positive and cheery and sure to brighten even the Monday-est of Mondays at school.

Lunch Time Notes Printable

Download the notes here – > Show them you care all day long. These work well tucked into camping suitcases, or even the pockets of kid’s coats.

Don’t Miss the Other Lunch Box Notes

There are so many themed lunch box notes available on Thrifty Mommas Tips. Don’t forget to check out my Safari Themed Lunch Box Jokes printable. I also have some other colourful and adorable lunchbox jokes with a Valentine’s Day theme.

I hope that your kids are having a great year so far, and a healthy one too. These days kids are my heroes. It’s been a brutally hard 18 months and yet they are still just doing their best most days of the week. Gives new meaning to the word resilient.

A Few Supplies That Might Help

Remember to visit my free printables board if you need help looking for free activities for your kids to do. For a high quality print out of the life cycle content do not miss this downloadable Bee Life Cycle activity and you should be off to the races.

Products Needed: Don’t forget to order paper – HP Printer Paper and also be sure to use a good printer. This Epson Eco Tank Printer is amazing. It saves ink like nobody’s business.

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STEAM Activities and More

Don’t miss this summer STEAM activity sheet while you are here. My Pinterest boards have many activities for kids and parents to use all summer long.

There are dozens of lifecycle worksheets. I also have several travel related kid’s learning activities.

All About England is a cute one to start with today and do the tour of Europe with the France Colouring Sheet and workbook.

Pin this for later or download below.

What are you Doing this Spring?

Drop a comment below. Let me know if you and your kids are looking for more activities to do this spring or summer. I’d be happy to help if I can.

Print the above content out by clicking on the download now link. Easy Peasy!

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