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Did you know? Five Canadian Facts about Infertility #abhc4ivf #abpoli

Shutterstock ImagesThis Canada Day infertility patients have a lot to celebrate in Ontario, and in Quebec, and in parts of Nova Scotia and Manitoba too. But what of the rest of the provinces? What about Alberta? Patients struggling with infertility in the province of Alberta and British Columbia are still advocating and waiting for public funding for in vitro fertilization. Public funding for IVF is now in the works in Ontario. It will soon be a reality, anticipated for 2015. The Ontario Liberal government will fund one round of IVF with single embryo transfer.That’s big news.

Five Canadian Facts about Infertility

1. 47 % of Canadians have been impacted by infertility.

2. 1 in 6 Canadians struggle with infertility.

3. Canada’s first IVF baby became a dad this year. Read more here:

4. Robert Reid was the first test tube baby produced in Canada, but not the first born here. Catherine Rankin, who underwent IVF treatment at a British clinic, gave birth to test tube twins in Oakville in March 1982.

5. The first IVF baby conceived in Canada was born Christmas Day in BC. in 1983 at Vancouver General Hospital. The baby was about 3 pounds.

In the province of Alberta 76 % believe government funding should be available for people wondering how to pay for in vitro fertilization. This summer take the time to write your MLA and tell them why public funding for IVF makes sense in Alberta. This is Brooke’s take on why IVF funding is important to infertile families
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Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund helps raise money to make IVF happen for some couples who are unable to afford medical treatment. You must be undergoing treatment at the Regional Fertility Clinic to be eligible to apply for assistance. You can ask your family doctor for an application.
Gor more information on why this makes sense you can read the recent Alberta Report on Reproductive Technologies.

I am community manager for Generations of Hope. As such, I receive compensation. I back this cause 100 % and my opinion is all my own.

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