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I had beautiful nails for months. It’s true. They were gorgeous.  And I got a lot of comments back when I was using gel polish, getting my nails done professionally. My professional image is part of my business. When I look good, I present a more professional image to the world as a strategist and entrepreneur. I feel more confident and I land more contracts. Confidence is important. I had lovely, coloured, polished, shiny nails for maybe even the greater part of a year and I enjoyed having them done. So, what’s the problem, you ask?

Well, I mean, have you tried shellac? If you have, then you know how hard it is on your actual nails beneath the shellac or gel coating. My nails were getting progressively worse for months. I let it go because naked nails generally don’t appeal to me. But beneath the polish, and the beautiful shades of blue and coral and pink, I had fragile, thin and broken damaged nails. The lady at the salon was frequently gluing my nails back together so I had maximum benefit of my manicure. But we both knew that was a temporary fix. Beneath the glue and the shellac, I had split nails, which were also thin and breakable. A few short weeks ago, when I asked to get the gel polish removed at the salon near my house, I decided it was time to let the nails breathe for a bit. I thought, since Trind sent over a bundle of pretty colours and some repair products, that I would commit fully to getting my damaged nails back in shape. I also boosted my calcium and vitamin D intake. So chipped, split, weak and fragile nails be gone. I want my strong nails back.


Trind Keratin Nail Restorer and Trind Keratin Protector both need to be used together for four weeks for maximum results. I am still working on my experiment with Trind and my mostly naked damaged nails. But so far here are my observations. My nails were extremely damaged to start with. They chipped easily and snapped often. See that photo below. I once had long nails and now they won’t grow any longer than this because I have to cut them every time I get a split right down the middle.


Then I started applying the Trind Keratin Nail Restorer and Trind Keratin Protector and I started to see results fast. The Keratin Protector is a moist, nourishing balsam product that you put on your nude nails. You leave it on for about two minutes and then what doesn’t absorb, you rub into the nail bed. After that you apply the Trind Keratin Nail Restorer. You let it dry and then leave for a day. Redo daily, using a gentle nail polish remover in between to clean off all residue each morning. Trind has a nail polish remover that is acetone free. This is a five minute process from start to finish every day, so it’s simple and the results speak for themselves. I will continue using this for the summer and I hope my nails are long and strong by the fall. They are better already, but they are still a work in progress.

Once your nails are looking strong and breaking less, then you are ready to use the Trind nail polishes. There are dozens of funky fun shades available. Many trendy and beautiful colours to match your mood, or your wardrobe. I chose Surf’s Up which is a beach inspired brilliant blue. You can see the results for yourself in the shot below. You can apply the colours right on top of the restorer and protector. Then use the Trind acetone free polish remover because it is gentle on your recovering damaged nails.


I added just a hint of bedazzling to my nails because why not? It is summer after all. Bling is the rule when the sun is blazing hot. (In my world, anyways.) Keratin is a protein normally found in hair, nails and skin. Some harsh nail treatments can strip some of the fibrous protein (keratin) away. So Trind Nails Keratin repair treatments make sense. As an aside the polish treatments and bottles are classy and pretty. The long handle has contours for your hand to grip easily.

As for the company itself here is what you need to know:

Trind is Europe’s most trusted and respected line of hand and nail care. It is found in the finest perfumeries from St. Tropez to the Champs Elyseé in Paris, and from Stockholm to Milano. 

Trind is now fast achieving the same status in the United States & Canada. News of Trind is spreading like wild fire. 
Founded in 1988, Trind Cosmetics is located in the Netherlands. The outstanding line of Trind premium products evolved from a passion to do the impossible which lead to the development of nail care products that would help all women have strong and flexible nails, products whose effectiveness was sustainable.
The Trind premium line is available in 28 countries!

Trind is available in Canada by VANRO Group Inc.

All About Trind and Damaged Nails

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Now, listen up! Do you want a chance to try the Trind Beauty system yourself? Then follow the instructions below. This is open to Canada and the US. (excluding Quebec). You could win a package of Trind Rehab and Trind Beauty nail products worth about $100 ARV.

I was provided samples of product to test the Trind Rehab and beauty items out myself. My opinion is all my own. 

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