DIY brown sugar cubes

Easy DIY Brown Sugar Scrub Cubes for Giving

Looking for a personal, easy and cost effective gift to give someone who needs and deserves to be pampered? Then you need to see this easy to make DIY Brown Sugar Scrub Cubes recipe. These are fun to make, especially if you have kids who enjoy helping and love to give handmade gifts.




Easy to Make

These brown sugar scrub cubes involve just a few simple ingredients and frankly most of them are probably already either in your pantry or in your medicine cabinet. Teens and tweens will enjoy this hands on craft.


Adding oils


Luxurious DIY Brown Sugar Scrub Cubes:

These are easy to prepare and might even provide a bit of a sensory appeal to your kids who are helping to grate, sculpt  and press the ingredients into the shapes you want.

Recipe Ingredients

1 Bar Soap

A cup brown sugar

2 tbsp Vitamin E oil

2 tbsp moisturizing lotion (optional)

Supplies Needed


Silicone Cube Tray

Microwave Safe Mixing Bowls


How to make these sugar scrub cubes

On the off chance you still have some friends to give gifts to, these make an easy Do it yourself present anyone would love. They are luxurious and they leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling great!

Use a cheese grater to carefully grate the bar of soap. Measure out ¾ cups of grated soap and add it to a microwave safe mixing bowl with the vitamin E oil. Place the bowl in the microwave for ten seconds on high heat.

Remove the soap and oil from the microwave and stir for a couple seconds to add the unmelted bits of soap to the already melted parts. Return the bowl to the microwave and cook for another ten seconds on high heat.

Your soap and oil should be liquified at this point, if not, add for ten second intervals, and do your best to make sure any unmelted bits are added to the melted section where the heat should take care of melting everything.

Mix It

Add the brown sugar to the melted soap, using a wooden spoon to mix it all together. You want the entire amount of sand to be wet and resemble wet sand. As the soap is absorbed into the soap more it is going to solidify and become harder to mix.

If you wanted to add scented lotion or essential oils to your DIY brown sugar scrub cubes, this is the time to add it. For lotion only add a tablespoon, if you are adding essential oil, two to three drops is sufficient. Make sure you mix these into the sugar scrub completely.

Press a tablespoon of the sugar scrub into your ice cube tray, it takes about 1 ½ tablespoons worth to fill each one entirely. Use your fingers to press the sugar down and flatten the tops.

Refrigerate for an hour

Place the brown sugar scrub cubes into the fridge for an hour to allow the soap to reharden. Pop each cube out of the ice cube tray and store in an airtight container. Cubes are good for as long as they remain dry. Use in the shower to scrub away dead and dry skin.

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