Happy New Year January Colouring Page

Happy New Year! I sincerely hope that 2018 is kind to you and that there are many positive things that happen for you and your family. This year has been a tough one for some I know. But the beauty of a new year is that it brings with it a clean slate so to speak. A chance to open the blinds and let all the positivity and light and happiness into your home and your heart. That’s my philosophy anyways.



With that in mind, I wanted to share this cute cheery Happy New Year January Colouring Page printable. If you like it and enjoy these free printables here drop me a line and let me know because I will schedule more throughout the year just for you.


Reader’s choice – what kind family friendly printable or activity would you like to see next?


I hope you enjoy this January Colouring Page Printable. Happy New Year to you and yours!

To print this out for your children or for you to colour just click the PDF link and print. Easy as can be. A quick reminder that you may NOT reprint this on your own web site. That’s not cool or kind, or anything else. I trust my readers and want to continue to share these for their use and enjoyment. This past year too many sites have stolen content that belongs to me. Not permitted, or legal either.

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Oh and don’t forget to visit my Pinterest Free Printables board for all the printables you could imagine! I have a spring themed colouring page coming up in the spring too. That seems a long way off right now though, doesn’t it?

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