Family Day Word Scramble

Fun Family Day Word Scramble

Family Day is a unique holiday to Canadians. It started in Ontario when a Liberal premier determined we needed a break in February. So Family Day became a long weekend in February in several provinces and frankly it couldn’t come at a better time. We often go skiing for Family Day. There are some really awesome places to do that in Ontario.

A few weeks ago I began planning for Family Day here and this year I have a Family Day word scramble to share as well as a batch of Family Day activities that are free for you to give to your family.


Family Day Word Scramble
Family Day Word Scramble

Family Day Word Scramble PS

Things to Do Family Day

What’s Family Day without a few fun activities for the kids?  I’ll tell you what it is: just any other day of course. Family Day is one of my new favourite holidays because it comes in February and frankly everyone in Ontario needs a break by February. Also it’s a great chance to celebrate family. Some of you are regular readers here and you’ve already seen a host of Family Day activities and printables that I have published here. Anyways, here’s one more – just for you.

Family Day, for those who don’t know, is a holiday in Ontario and Alberta in mid February. We get the day off from school and from some jobs. I won’t be off that day because work beckons but I will be taking some time to go skating or swimming or just play games with the kids. It’s a lovely long weekend that starts with Valentine’s Day often and ends with Family Day. I’m pretty stoked about that. Just wishing that Family Day was a day I could celebrate by flying to Mexico. Wouldn’t that be worth celebrating?


Thrifty Mommas Tips Printables

Anyways, these printables, as some of you know, can be downloaded one of two ways: You can right click and save to the computer and then print them out. Or you can click through the link below which is a PDF version of the same image. The PDF is typically bigger, and much clearer.

Have a great Family Day! Hope you enjoy this Family Day Word Scramble.

Family Day Word Scramble PS


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