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Famous Siblings You Might Not Know

famous siblings
Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning at Nickelodeon’s 20th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards. Pauley Pavillion, Westwood, CA. 03-31-07
This picture is a bit old now but these girls are more famous than ever I think.

Famous Siblings You May Not Know

It seems like we’re all obsessed with famous siblings. I know I am. Not sure why exactly, but I think it’s because it’s nice to see a family connection with celebrities. They feel more real, I think. We all know about Chloe and Kim, the Olsen twins, and the Jonas brothers, but here are some famous siblings and their lesser known siblings you might not know about.

Famous Siblings and Their not so Famous Counterparts

In these sibling pairs, only one has achieved true stardom. However, many of these brothers and sisters to stars are well on their way to making their own names in entertainment and other creative industries.

Shailene and Tanner Woodley

By now, Shailene Woodley is a household name. She made her first major mark on the industry with “The Fault in Our Stars” and sealed her stardom with the “Divergent” movies. Her brother, Tanner, may not have achieved super stardom yet, but he is quite an accomplished actor, with many roles in short films as well as “Boston Legal”.

Zach, Adam, and Joshua Braff

These famous siblings are all talented and two of them have even worked together. Zach Braff made his mark in “Scrubs”, moving from the popular comedy to movies. His brother, Adam, helped him write his most recent film “Wish I Was Here”. Their other brother, Joshua is also a published author.

Nicole and Sofia Richie

This is one stylish pair of famous siblings. Nicole Richie has already made a name for herself as a style icon, and her half-sister, Sofia, is well on her way to becoming just like her big sis. She’s already been featured in Teen Vogue and Elle.

Dakota and Elle Fanning

This could be the last time these two appear in any article about famous siblings and their lesser known brothers or sisters. Dakota and Elle have been acting since they were toddlers. Dakota has already made her mark on Hollywood, starring in over 30 films, including hits like “Man on Fire”, “War of the Worlds”, and the “Twilight” saga. Elle is following suit, recently starring in “Ginger & Rosa” and “Maleficent”.

Penelope, Monica, and Eduardo Cruz

We all know Penelope Cruz. This superstar has been in everything from “Captain Correli’s Mandolin” to “Vanilla Sky”. This superstar is actually part of a famous siblings trio, and they’re all quite accomplished.

Penelope’s sister, Monica, is a Spanish actress and dancer, and she was even Penelope’s body double in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. Penelope’s brother, Eduardo is an accomplished musician and has worked on scores for some of her films. He gained some unwanted stardom for his tumultuous relationship with Eva Longoria.

Siblings to the Stars

All of these famous siblings have some equally accomplished not so famous counterparts, but all of them show us that talent really does run in the family. I found it interesting that all of these famous siblings and their brothers or sisters are all accomplished in some creative field. It really is fun to see the family members behind the stars.

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