Coastal Mississippi coast and causeway

Fun Ways to Revisit The Coast While Home During the Pandemic

The charm of Coastal Mississippi is an easy, subtle, one that washes over you gently when you visit. As soon as you leave, you’ll want to revisit the coast. Believe me, I know.

Coastal Mississippi coast and causeway

Missing Coastal Mississippi Right Now?

Of course, you and I both know that if you have ever been to Coastal Mississippi, you probably can’t wait to return. But, right now, that’s not so simple, is it? Currently, we are all doing our best here right now to follow the protocols and be safe during the pandemic. In fact, it’s the only option and the best weapon we have against the virus.

Late last year, I was able to visit Coastal Mississippi for the first time on a 12-day girl’s Gulf Coast getaway. That was quite an amazing adventure. We arrived in Mississippi from Louisiana. It was our third destination and my first time ever in Mississippi. After a scrumptious southern lunch, we walked a bit of the Biloxi coastline and were stupefied by some of the most incredible sunsets we’d ever seen.

Luckily, even in the midst of a global pandemic when people are grounded and unable to visit anyone physically, many destinations are still working from home to share some of their assets with us, virtually. A few clever tourist destinations like Coastal Mississippi have shared some amazing resources recently so you can revisit the coast from afar. That’s what I am doing right now.

Coastal Mississippi is the kind of destination that will find its way under your skin and into your heart. You can’t visit during the pandemic and while Coronavirus is still a huge threat to people’s health. The borders right now are closed here in Canada and flights are not happening. But, this spot and the people living here have left an impression on me.

So, I am happy to share some ways to revisit the coast right now, in spirit.

Five Ways to Revisit Coastal Mississippi Right Now


These jigsaw puzzles are fun. I literally spent an hour playing around with them and making the pieces fit until I recognized several Coastal Mississippi scenes from my trip. What’s missing? The food. But, I can forgive that as long as I am eventually able to return for some scrumptious biscuits and seafood.

Watch a Live Sunset

These sunsets are legendary, as are the walks along the pier. If I hadn’t seen it myself, then I wouldn’t have believed it. In fact, all the way there from Louisiana Northshore I hoped for good food and a relaxing couple of days. We stopped for a bite of food first and then hit the Biloxi area before driving straight over to Ocean Springs.

YOGA Plus Art?

So, trying to squeeze in some culture and a little bit of physical activity too? Perhaps, you also are into the cultural aspect of museums and art, Art + Yoga 4 Kids hits all of the right notes.

View all the Movies Ever Set in Mississippi

Have you ever been to a place or wanted to visit a location and then suddenly needed to know everything you could about the destination? When I visited Cuba for the first time twenty years ago, I had to READ all the Hemingway before and during the trip. I like to immerse myself in the art and literature.

These days, that might also look like watching every single movie, Netflix series or television show that was ever filmed or set in Mississippi. That could be a fun way to revisit the coast too.

Check out all of the movies set in Mississippi. I think this might be my next thing during COVID-19 because it will make me feel like I’m back there again.

Looking for other ideas of what to do, then you might want to check this out too. Quarantine Bingo for Coastal Mississippi anyone?

Quarantine Entertainment Ideas

If you need more ideas of how to revisit the coast and your amazing time there, or even if you are just looking for something to do, then you need to check out the Quarantainment Guide.

I miss those biscuits and the views all along the coast. The fresh take on foods and the restaurant scene as well as the museums are all worth exploring one day again when it’s safe to do so.

In the meantime, you can revisit the coast virtually.

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