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It’s time for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. This year, Halloween might be a lot different than usual. Who even knows at this point? Whatever happens, I’m committed to making the best of the season here as I’m sure you are too.

Halloween brings out the child in everyone. Am I right? I love the chance to decorate on Halloween because it allows me the chance to be playful. My street often goes all in. I hope this year that people remember to make their homes fun too.

Halloween goes by pretty fast, just like many other childhood stages and events, Halloween is a short term celebration that runs out when the kids hit their teenage years.

This year my kids are in university and high school and I doubt that they’d go out even if they wanted to. But, part of me misses that Halloween night fun. It’s always fun seeing what the neighbourhood kids dress up as.

Don’t Miss This Treat!

Have you seen my Candy Corn Pumpkin Fudge yet? Take a peek at this and then maybe make it later if you have any leftover candy corn after Halloween.

A few spots are talking about cancelling Halloween altogether if numbers of Covid cases climb and I totally understands that. But, if that happens I hope we all still create some fun traditions around the childhood holiday. One of those traditions could be starting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Here’s How to Get this Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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