Giving Assistant – On Line Shopping Is Fun Again

Giving Assistant makes online shopping fun again. Remember when online shopping was exciting? Remember finding awesome deals and great coupon codes and thinking, “I am a shopping master!” These days, online shopping can be more of a hassle than anything else. With Giving Assistant, online shopping is back in all its glory.


Giving Assistant – How It’s Bringing the Fun Back

One of the most frustrating parts of online shopping is finding promo codes. Well, that’s not exactly true. You can find promo codes all day long, but will those codes work? That’s the big question. The answer is: who knows? Certainly not us. We have to go through the entire shopping cart process and then put in a code only to find it doesn’t work. Pardon me while I pull my hair out.

That’s what makes Giving Assistant so wonderful. They take the need for promo codes out of the equation. In fact, this platform is built around saving consumers money on every single purchase every single time. Rather than scouring the internet for a promo code that may or may not work, you can simply use this platform and save an average of 5% on every purchase across the board.


How it Works

Retailers pay Giving Assistant a commission of around an average of 5% on purchases originating from the website. For every purchase originating from Giving Assistant members, they pay the entire commission as cash back directly and digitally to members. Members get the full commission back, not half of it like you’d get with other programs of this nature. They also direct pay to your secure debit card in a matter of days. There’s no waiting for months to get a check in the mail, and the minimum payout is $1 instead of the average $25.

When purchases are made by non-members, Giving Assistant keeps the commission and makes a donation to Feeding America to give one meal to those who are going hungry. In addition to that, members are given the option to set up an automatic donation of a percentage of their cash back to any charity they choose.

So what you have is a website that saves you money, gives to those in need, and even helps you donate should you choose. They really are a Giving Assistant. I love this, because everybody wins. I get great deals, people out there who need help get it, and I can choose to do more if I want. On top of all that, Giving Assistant has the best customer service in the industry, so if you have a problem, you can rest assured it will be solved.


I gave this a test-drive this week to see which brands suited me and could work to help my family save money. I was amazed at the wide variety of brands. There are some very familiar retailers like Best Buy, Staples, The Children’s Place, Sears, and Old Navy there. BUT more than that, I was thrilled to see some popular travel brands there. So book your next trip using or for instance, but go through Giving Assistant first. That’s a huge win. You save and Giving Assistant donates. Plus you book your trip easily and without hassle. YOU must know how much I love to travel by now so this makes me happy. In addition to that, there are airport parking savings promo codes and deals, car rental savings codes and deals and even amazing deals on ALL inclusive resort vacations. You can see where I am going with this, right? I need a trip again. This time I know how to do this smartly and while I am booking travel and saving money, and giving to charity, I can also buy the bathing suits we need for that beach vacay.

Giving Assistant Gives to Everyone

Whether you’re on the lookout for cashback, a company that gives back to the community, or a little bit of both, Giving Assistant is the perfect choice. It’s really easy to set up. You can start an account with an email address or a Facebook account. Your choice. With their network of over 1,100 of the largest retailers around, 5% cashback on ever member purchase, a donation to Feed America for non-member purchases, and the ability to set up automatic donations with a portion of your cash back savings, Giving Assistant lives up to its name.

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