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Hamilton Beach Just Right Programmable Slow Cooker #TMMGG2014

Best Crock Pots
Best Slow Cookers

This is one of my favourite gifts this year. The Hamilton Beach Programmable Right Size Slow Cooker is amazing. It’s the only crockpot you will ever need. Pair it with The Healthy Slow Cooker: 135 Gluten-Free Recipes for Health and Wellness for magical winter meals and it becomes a gorgeous Christmas present for any busy Mom, friend, sister-in-law, or aunt. I love this slow cooker. It is without a doubt the best slow cooker I have ever owned. The Hamilton Beach Just Right Programmable Slow Cooker has three sizes for food of various portions. You can cook a meal for three different levels – 2, 4 and 6 quarts. Enough to feed a small family, or a football team! You can set the time and forget about your meal and have the house filled with the amazing scent of beef stew or turkey chili when you return from the office. Or you can get up, toss a pile of vegetables into the slow cooker and make enough food for a couple of days. That’s my favourite time saver. I rely on my slow cooker for a lot of meals and would be lost without one. My old slow cooker was pretty beaten up. The handle had fallen off the lid making it challenging to get the food out, or to stir recipes in the slow cooker. But this beauty is brand new and it’s being used at least once a week right now. See product information below for more details about all that it does and the many reasons why I think it’s the best slow cooker on the market.

Best Crock Pots
Best Slow Cooker recipe for turkey chili

This is the first meal I made with my Hamilton Beach programmable right size slow cooker. I use my The Healthy Slow Cooker second edition book for the recipes that I build for my family with my new best friend/slow cooker. The nice thing about this slow cooker is it’s easy enough that the kids can help prepare the meals too. They love to help chop carrots and wash the potatoes and that kind of thing. And people who help make me happy.

Best Crock Pots
Best Crock Pots

 This Hamilton Beach Programmable Right Size Slow Cooker makes me happy and it works well with my active family. I can cook more meals with less fuss and have them ready for any time I need to feed the kids. With our insane rehearsal schedule (one daughter acts and sings with Original Kids Theatre Company) I need food ready fast and I can’t play around cooking it all day. This would be a dreamy gift for a lot of people in my opinion. The Hamilton Beach Programmable Right Size Slow Cooker is under $60. Even with the book I suggested it is less then $100. Total deal!!

This programmable slow cooker was provided to me for review purposes. The book was sent for review as well. My opinion is all my own. This slow cooker gets a $$$$$ out of $$$$$.

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