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London Ontario Lifestyle Bloggers – Local Influencers

London Ontario Lifestyle Bloggers are actually quite a force of nature. In fact I have seen so many over the years since I began writing on line. As some of you know Thrifty Mommas Tips began in 2009. It was a way to get back into writing after a lengthy absence from my job as a journalist at the London Free Press. Happy to say I am still here and loving what I do.


I attended an event in Arva last night and met a new blogger and we got talking. She asked are there many London Ontario Lifestyle bloggers? Well, in fact, yes there are I said. Local London crafty lady Cyn Gagen was also at the Metro Homegrown event held at the historic Arva Flour Mill. The funny thing about London and area bloggers to me is that we end up being invited all over North America and sometimes the globe. But rarely are there local events. So Metro’s event was pretty cool in that regard.

So hallelujah I was pretty thrilled when a local event with national scope hosted by Metro Ontario invited London bloggers. Anyways that post is for next week but right now these are my favourites of all the London Ontario Bloggers I know.


Obviously I am a London Ontario Blogger at Thrifty Mommas Tips –

You can find me here every single day of the week. I write about Travel, Health, Food and Technology. So Lifestyle essentially. You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter as @inkscrblr. Oh and don’t forget to check out my Business Blog. I run a social media consulting and management business called Thrifty Mom Media.

  • Cyn Gagen is over at Creative Cynchronicity

    CYN writes and posts and shares with her daughter, Samantha @GagenGirls. Check out this post – > 15 Sweet Treats for Canada Day. She’s the lady you need to visit for creative content and crafty ideas for any event or occasion. I can’t keep up with how creative she is.

  • Margarita Ibbott – DownshiftingPro Your Family, Your Home Your Life

    My good friend Margarita has strong travel content and here’s what you should know – Margarita is a professional home organizer and she is the authority on all organizing topics. She’s the one I talk to and sometimes travel with as well. She taught me this – How To Pack Lightly. This is one of her most recent posts – 150 Links for Canada Day. AND I AM still trying to work on that as a travel blogger. LOL. We also run Linked Moms together. Linked Moms is a local social media consulting and Twitter Party business.

  • Ann Marie Brown – It’s Just My Life

    She’s definitely more of a Youtuber now but when I met her she was a blogger primarily. Either way you can find great content about budgeting and cooking on her site – It’s Just My Life. Love this lady. She is funny and smart and has a heart of gold. She and I connected many years ago even before we really knew we blogged because she is also an adoptive parent. Catch her on Facebook too.

  • Pam Young – Country Mouse, City Mouse

    Pam lives in St Mary’s area just outside London. This lady writes about many different topics and also works with several brands. Also a Mom raising some amazing kids. She’s here on Twitter @CCMouse.

  • Kelly Connor is CityMOM

    She tends to have a lot of local homes content along with some parenting content too. Check her out also on Twitter @_CityMOM

  • Stephanie Holmes – Sassy Modern Mom as we know her here.

    Stephanie is a lovely London Mom of two teen girls, who writes a lot of travel content. She was also one of the first London area lifestyle bloggers. She is well connected and has a fun blog with great giveaways too. Her Blog is How To Survive Life in The Suburbs.


    Kidsumers is one that has been live for a long time too. Sheri McDonald is the owner, blogger on this site which has grown wildly since we met years ago. Now she also has a Family Travel site too. St. Mary’s area blogger and Mom of four. She is an honorary member of the London Ontario Lifestyle Bloggers.

  • Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

    Sweet Stellas is one that has undergone some changes. When I first started reading Shannon’s story her blog was crafty and also a bit of a personal journal. Now Shannon is a bit of a chameleon and she is very committed to growth and learning. She is a local DOULA who makes me wish that I could have a baby just to use her services. Warning you now she has some incredible resources and stories about becoming a parent, infertility and post part depression too. I love her authenticity. She is a KICKBUTT female and one of my favourite London Ontario Lifestyle Bloggers.

  • Tabitha Pye – Not Quite a Handful

    Tabitha is a London lifestyle blogger and mother of four. She writes at Not Quite a Handful. She writes a lot of movie reviews right now.

  • Suzanne Toth – Mostly a Mother

    Mostly a Mother is a new blogger to me. We met just this week and apparently she lives extremely close to me. But I love her Instagram feed. Her style and fashion and parenting blog is lovely. Check it out. Mostly A Mother. I think we will see a lot more of this lady. She has three young children and has a lot of baby information and styles and natural products (she just started a new business selling coconut oil based products like moisturizer.)

I am sure there are a few others that are around but I have not met them. Do you know any local London, Ontario Canada bloggers that should be added to this list?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Margarita Ibbott

    Thanks for the shout out my friend. It’s funny we do so much In Toronto and there are oops right here.

    Love travelling with you sorry to be missing out on the Quebec trip but the timingjust did not work. To Ireland we go.

  • Cyn

    Thanks for including me. It was so great to see you last week. What a fun even that was! We need to get the Londoners together more often.

    • Paula

      I agree CYN! Thanks for reminding me this is a good strategy to build content and relationships too! Hope your daughter is well.

  • Stephanie

    Awe thanks for the lovely shout out Paula! And now you have me thinking, we really need to get our groups of fabulous London Bloggers together!