Hot Collector Toys for Christmas #TMMGG2014


hot collector toys for 2014 Christmas
hot collector toys for 2014 Christmas

Mutant Mania arrived here this week and I originally thought, well this is just another trendy toy. But, then we started playing with them together, my daughter and I, and I really found myself enjoying these hot collector toys. First thing to know, these are not for teeny people under five years old or anyone who puts too many toys near their mouth. They are, however, extremely fun hot collector toys. The heads and bodies of Mutant Mania Mix and Match Wrestlers come apart and can be interchanged to make each tiny figure into something different. These are so much fun they make the grade for me in the school aged children category of gifts that will delight your little people this year.

My favourite toys for Christmas this year
My favourite toys for Christmas this year, 2014, for school aged children

I like that these fun little figures are action oriented and both of my daughters immediately thought they were fun. We received the starter kit and an additional add on kit containing four extra Mutant Mania figures. There is a trash can that comes with the starter set. We use it to store the pieces in and keep them from getting lost.


I think that these little characters are so appealing because they are tiny and different and quirky. But also they appealed to us because they are rubbery and flexible, so you can squish them and tug on them to manipulate the body parts as you remove the torso of Gutless for instance and replace it with the tummy of Claw Breaker. The names are incredibly fun. A guide comes with each of the kits. My younger daughter loves this kind of thing. Matching up the figurines with the correct image and name on the Collector’s Guide is for some mysterious reason hours of enjoyment for her. I confess to kind of liking that part too, because the names are hysterical. We love Brain Pain from the Evil Zomboidz line. He’s the one with the bog pink head.


There are 120 Mutant wrestlers you can collect. They are recommended for ages five and up. There are Mutant Men, Evil Zomboidz, Brutal Beasts, Robo Mutants, Insect-a-Zoids, Reptiles of Rage and rare limited edition Astro-Mutants. These are fun hot collector toys that get your child off their iPod or iPhone for an hour or so. They don’t add much clutter to the house because they are so small and they are fun to play with. There are no batteries required for this kind of play. Each of the sets are affordable and the starter kit, or Mutant Mania Eight Pack, is $12.99 to $14.99 (there were eight figures in that starter kit.) You can also get a Mutant Mania Eight Pack, a Mutant Mania Four Pack, and a one pack. There is also a Rampage Arena and a Mutant Masher Vehicle. These are each available at Toys ‘ R Us.

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  • Brandy

    These toys look so fun! 120 different wrestlers wow! I think that my boys would have a great time creating different monsters wrestlers.

    And love the look of your blog! It’s really nice.

  • Lindsay

    I really appreciate that these toys were loved by your DAUGHTER. I presume, by the looks of them, that the marketing is pretty “boy centred,” but I’m glad you were eager to try them out with your little girl. Love the “no batteries required” observation… very important. Great stocking stuffers for boys AND girls!

    • Paula

      Oh Lindsay: My daughter doesn’t know or fly by the gender rules of marketing at all. She always says BOY TOY at McDonald’s which is insanity because why on earth do we still have GIRL and BOY toys.