Fun Spring Break Recap Activity

Well, Spring Break this year has been full of surprises already. Just a few weeks ago we were all assuming that spring break would be in March as usual. But then it got shifted to April here in Ontario. That was clearly shocking to many people. I’m not sure it matters anymore, I mean not like we are able to travel or go anywhere outside the province.

Whether spring break is in March or April seems like a trivial thing after this year that we have had. Dates hardly matter these days. Many of us wake up still and wonder what the heck day it is!

Ultimately, what matters most still is family and health and getting through this pandemic to the other side. I am hoping we will get our vaccines in the second round soon. Fingers crossed. Then I will start dreaming about adventures again.

This April

I’d be happy to have some down time on spring break to go hiking or visit a nearby park, maybe even time to start to garden. My youngest daughter doesn’t care about having a week off after having months of remote schooling in 2020 and then half weeks this year. She’d much rather that school just returned to some normalcy in terms of schedule.

What Are Your Spring Break Plans?

Are you on the go safely with masks in hand? Hanging out at home, gardening and reading? Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is doing it together, right?

Pre-pandemic our family spring vacation routine would be travelling to a ski hill or taking some epic road trip. While that is still not possible, I hope that soon we can get back to that kind of fun activity. Next year I am all about a spring ski trip again.

Spring Break Recap

Really the best part of spring break for me always is hanging out with my family. So, here’s to making that happen soon.


For More Ideas

How to Get this Spring Break Recap Printable Activity

Click on the link below and the printable will show up like magic. Have some fun with this. It reminds me of those old vintage scrapbook pages I used to love and fill out for each of my kids when they were small.

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What are you up to this year? Any plans?

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