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How to Make These 2-Dimensional Simple Origami Tulips

Here’s an easy 2-Dimensional Simple Origami Tulips craft that is perfect for spring. Nothing cheerier than tulips popping up through the frost. Well, maybe daffodils as they often pop up a pinch earlier than tulips.

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This spring, these could make a great and simple craft for all of you to share.

Simple Origami Tulips

This is pretty much the easiest way to make these. The three dimensional flowers, tulips and cranes are a level up. Don’t worry though I have some other craft posts coming soon that will explain the intermediate origami crafts.

FYI if you are interested in simple origami projects and more ideas then check this EASY Origami Projects book out on Amazon.


Easy 2-D Tulip Instructions

I think this is a perfect spring break craft idea and it honours social distancing because you can all do these inside your home at the kitchen table or in the playroom area. You just need some paper and then possibly straws if you want to be fancy with the stems.


Start with a square! Cut a piece of paper into a square shape.

Fold diagonally 

Take lower right corner and fold up. 

Repeat with lower left corner. 

Take about a thumbs width of the bottom.

Fold that in behind


Mini tulip

Start with a small square 

Fold in half diagonally. 

You should be left with a small triangle

Fold the triangle in half vertically

Unfold lower right corner of these simple origami tulips and bring it up parallel to crease in centre. 

Repeat on the other side

Fold the tip in centre for extra pizazz.  

It’s complete.

Add a stem easily.

Now simply fold a green stem or attach to a painted green straw.

Origami is Perfect for Crafty Kids

My kids are both extremely crafty and love origami. Last year I bought a few different kits for them to play around with and we have made so many origami projects with the help of those.

Have Some Fun

The origami turtle shown above was a bit trickier than the typical flowers and cranes and butterflies we make here. But it was super rewarding to make. Stay tuned. Another day I will share that one with you.

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