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K-Tel’s Mini Pops CDs 11 and 12 for Kids #Giveaway


MiniPopKids12 Album Cover

My kids are 10 and 13 now and they are all about the music and the computers and gadgets too of course. My youngest loves listening to her Ipod Nano and she also has a pretty busy social calendar which means a lot of car time. In my mini van I have a TV but I don’t always want my kids watching TV on the road so I love to have music handy and books too. My husband has no entertainment system in his car and he often pops in a family friendly CD for road trips and even for ferrying the kids around town. But it can be hard to find cute, family friendly music that isn’t totally over the top with childishness – because that’s not cool with kids who are 10 and 13. And it can be hard to find music also that is not too graphic and mature – because that’s not cool with me. Mini Pops helps fill the void neatly. It’s music I don’t mind hearing and the kids enjoy it too.

The Mini Pops solved the problem of overly graphic lyrics with family-friendly covers of top radio hits for kids and tweens across Canada. Plus the group makes me feel just a bit nostalgic too. My youngest daughter received Mini Pop Kids 11 and 12 and she’s been listening to it since before Christmas. (Mostly in the car with her Dad, and on the way to martial arts.)

She enjoys several of the songs on both 11 and 12. On Mini Pop Kids 11 she loves Timber, Roar and Royals and the Cups song is a crazy hit here too. Disc 2 on that same CD has Story of My Life and We Can’t Stop which I also don’t mind hearing.

The release of Mini Pops 12 also coincides with an announcement that Mini Pops will be appearing in several live shows throughout Canada this year. The Mini Pops consist of an all-Canadian group of kids with a passion for singing and performing. The group ranges in age from 10 to 14 years old and they sing various hits from Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. The Mini Pops have been around for over 30 years and just like the Mini Pops of the ‘80’s that parents grew up with, the group consists of all-Canadian singers with a passion for performing.

I am happy to be able to pass on a giveaway to one Canadian reader as well. One of my Canadian readers will win a copy of Mini Pops CDs 11 and 12. Follow the instructions below to win! Good luck!

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