Kick Flipper For the Wannabe Skateboarder in Your Life #TMMGG2015


I love toys that can be used both indoors and out. This KickFlipper lends itself to both indoor and outdoor play. Plus it’s pretty safe, in fact safer than an actual skateboard. We received this KickFlipper by Plasmart in September. My younger daughter claimed it immediately. She is always asking to take her skateboard to school, which we don’t let her do because there are too many opportunities for someone to get hurt or trip over her skateboard.


The KickFlipper has no wheels and is perfect for practicing balance and flips anywhere. My daughter took this one to school to play with at recess. I’m okay with that because the KickFlipper, which comes in blue or red, is easy enough to carry back and forth. It’s not overly expensive either if she misplaces it.


KickFlipper holds up to 200 pounds of weight and is recommended for kids age 5 and up. The kids are both enjoying this one and I have tested it out too. KickFlipper is a simple toy made by a great brand Plasmart with high quality products such as Plasmacar. KickFlipper sells for about $19.99 and is a great deal at that price.

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