Luxurious and Eco-Friendly Eucalyptus Sheet Sets

Holy Sheet! These eucalyptus sheet sets are spectacular. Listen, sheets are a thing that I rarely have bought for myself. My Mom and mother in law used to always gift them to us for Christmas and anniversaries, sometimes birthdays even. But, ever since they passed away, my sheet opinion and knowledge has been growing.

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Good quality sheets are constantly evolving too. The new sheets from Sheets and Giggles are top of the line, so soft. Sheets and Giggles sheets feel like silk and nothing could be more luxurious than that.

Who Are Sheets & Giggles?

Sheets & Giggles is based in Denver, and their Eucalyptus lyocell sheets are sustainably made via a lyocell process from the wood of Eucalyptus trees grown on sustainably managed, biodiverse farms. They don’t touch ancient or endangered forests and they plant two new trees on their farms every time one is harvested. For each order received, they plant a new tree somewhere in the US that is in need of reforestation. 

The sheets are hypoallergenic, breathable, self-cooling, naturally softer than cotton, using up to 96% less water used than most cotton sheets, saving up to five years’ worth of the average person’s drinking water. The above makes them one of the fastest-growing bedding brands in the U.S. 

Eucalyptus lyocell sheets are unlike anything I have ever sheeted the bed with. LOL. These wash well and are BEDDER for the environment than cotton sheet sets. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Details – Eucalyptus Sheet Sets

  • Colours: Bright White, Pearl (Off-White), Charcoal Grey, Light Blue, Royal Purple, Midnight Navy, Mint Green
  • 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell made from Eucalyptus trees renewably grown on sustainably managed, responsibly governed farms that don’t deplete natural Eucalyptus forests.
  • Naturally softer, more breathable, and more moisture-wicking than cotton.
  • Sustainably made. Using up to 96% less water than cotton sheets, each sheet saves an estimated 5 years’ worth of the average person’s drinking water vs a cotton set.
  • Hypoallergenic, zero static, zero pesticides used.
  • Extra deep pockets on our fitted sheets fit up to 20” thick mattresses comfortably, with the side benefit of fitting regular mattresses even better. Thick elastic runs all the way around.

Sheets & Giggles come inside reusable packaging that can be repurposed to fit a laptop or a small bag of clothes, like a gym bag.

We have been using the charcoal Queen-sized Eucalyptus sheet sets for a week or more. Who knew eucalyptus sheets would be so soft and amazing? These great sheets are incredibly luxurious and more than worth the price.

More on the Company Commitment

Right now, Every day, S&G is donating 20% of sales to the Colorado COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, sponsored by the State of Colorado and Mile High United Way, to get financial relief directly to people who need it most right now. To help immediately, they donated $5,000 upfront to get started.

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