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Making Family Memories Through Travel

“The days are long, but the years are short,” That quote by Gretchen Rubin haunts me as a parent.

You have no idea how relevant that is until you become a parent and you are staring at a sick infant or a pile of laundry through zombie Mom eyes one moment, followed by the realization that your baby is now graduating from high school but a beat later. Time defies all logic when you are a parent. This is a little piece of why I travel with my family.


Making family memories is something that’s especially important these days. I remember a time when I thought my kids would never grow up. It seemed like I’d have those years forever. Now, my oldest is getting ready to graduate from high school, and my youngest is hot on her heels. Where before, time seemed to sometimes pass by so slowly, it’s now traveling at warp speed.

Every day, it seems like the kids are older and more independent, and I know the time is coming when they’ll spread their wings and fly from the nest. That’s why it’s so important to me to use travel as a tool to make family memories that last even after they’re grown and flown.


Making Family Memories Now

Although making lifelong memories has always been high on my list, there was a time when I first started my business when that fell down the ladder a bit. It never really felt like I had all the time in the world, but it did feel like I needed to work all the time and money was tight when kids were small.

So I pushed my business forward hard. But time doesn’t stand still. Milestones happen whether you are watching for them or not. There came a point where we had more than enough toys and decided that making family memories through  travel was high priority. Now. Not later. Now is all we’re really promised, and it’s important to make the most of that time. That’s why family travel is so important to me. It’s the perfect way to forge lifelong memories that unite the family no matter where we all end up.

Recent Memories

This past fall, my family took an RV camping trip through several Northern Ontario Parks. We’d always wanted to do it but we’d never been able to find the right scheduling to make it happen. Finally, my husband and I just decided that we would make it happen. A few weeks of planning and shuffling schedules around had us in the RV and on our way to some of the most beautiful country in all of this province.


In September, we picked up an RV and took our first ever trip through five of Ontario’s Parks in five days!! Of all our recent adventures, this one ranks the highest across the board for all of us. We had days filled with laughter and campfires and so many adventures. It was one of the best trips we’ve had, and I know it will remain in our hearts forever.

Prior to that amazing family experience I had a one on one mother daughter trip with my youngest girl, sporty spice, through Philadelphia. That trip was our time together and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. When Payton was younger I took her with me on a Puerto Vallarta mother daughter trip. Mother daughter travel has become extremely important to me as a Mom. It’s something I wish I had been able to do more with my own Mom, so I build experiences with both of my girls.

Philadelphia was charming and fun and we explored museums and the zoo and the Eastern State Penitentiary too. Together, we learned new things, sampled new foods and shared a lot of laughs.


Making Family Memories Last with

Although we’ll always have the memory of this trip in our hearts and minds, I wanted to commemorate one of our best family getaways yet with something special. I went to and had a framed poster print made of the three best photos from our RV trip. All three were shots of our family together, which makes me happy to see on the gallery wall in the basement of our home.

Oh The Places…

I picked a saying to go on the print – “Oh The Places You’ll Go” – because travel with the girls feels so full of potential and yet so urgent. This will remind us of all the amazing adventures we’ve had and the ones we’ll have in the future.

I also had an absolutely gigantic personalized puzzle made for Ainsley, my youngest. She’s 14 now, and for as long as she’s had manual dexterity, she’s loved puzzles. They also help her focus and calm down, which is great. I know she’ll love this massive, 1,000+ puzzle featuring 4 big photos of us on our summer trip to Philadelphia together. It was just the two of us, and it was a magical time for us both.

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