Friday Finds and Events Jan. 13th Weekend

Well here is the headliner today – if you love Monster Jam race over to the John Labatt Centre any time after 12 pm today to get a select number of tickets remaining for $1. Yes. $1. We got ours free because my daughter won some from the London Public Library reading contest we do every year at this time. See you there! 

Also Cats is on by OKTC at the Spriet Family Theatre in Covent Garden Market.
Oh and The Food and Wine Show at the Western Fair. So much to do, so little time!
Now for the deals Fresh co has cases of pop on sale. $3.97 for an 18 pack of cans (Coca Cola)
And Shoppers Drug Mart has spend $50 and get a $10 free Tim Horton’s card. (Sat and Sun only)
Also their coffee is on sale Sunday and Monday for $5.79 and I don’t have to tell you how expensive coffee has been lately!! Now happy shopping  and theatre going.

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