20 Easy and Safe Valentine’s Day Slime Recipes to Make Now

Are your kids still into making slime? There’s slime for every occasion these days. I have seen some gorgeous slime recipes and love the idea of galaxy slime too. Then here are some incredibly fun and safe Valentine’s Day slime recipes to make together with minimal supervision.

I know all too well how fun, or how messy this can be, but there are a host of ways to simplify the process and keep it simple. In fact, some of these red and pink slime recipes are so simple they have only 2-3 ingredients! Here’s to simple slime, because my youngest still loves this stuff. It’s such an amazing sensory tool and it’s pretty easy to make too.



Valentine’s Day Slime Recipes You Will Heart Too!

Have fun! But remember to contain this stuff because it can be a mess too if they make it all over the house. We gather old margarine or yogurt tubs and keep them specifically just for the slime crafts my youngest makes. If the slime recipe dries out or gets too old then we recycle and make some new recipe.


Fluffy Fun Valentine’s Day Slime

How To Make Valentine’s Day Fluffy Slime by Little Bins For Little Hands

Light Pink Fluffy Slime by Natural Beach Living

Foamy slime – Valentine’s Day Foam Slime by Little Bins For Little Hands

RED Hot Slime

Red Hot Slime For Valentine’s Day by Lemon Lime Adventures



Sparkly, Glittery Slime

Sparkly Valentine’s Day Slime by There’s Just One Mommy
DIY Pink Slime With Glitter by The Moments At Home
Glittery Hearts Valentine’s Slime by The Farm Girl Gabs
2 Ingredient Glitter Slime for Valentine’s Day By Inspirational Laboratories

Pretty Valentine’s Day Glitter Slime Recipe By Premeditated Leftovers
Valentine’s Pink Glitter Slime by Mom Dot

Stretchy Valentine’s Day Slime

Stretchy Pink Valentine’s Day Slime by A Little Pinch Of Perfect


Red and Pink and Fun all Over!

Melting Heart Slime by Growing A Jewelled Rose

Valentine’s Day Heart Slime by My Homebased Life
Homemade Slime Valentines by Kids Activities Blog

Glowing Grinch Heart Slime by Growing A Jeweled Rose
Make Slime For Valentine’s Day by All Crafty Things

Valentine Slime by The Nerd’s Wife
Valentine’s Day Slime by Little Bins For Little Hands



Easiest Valentine’s Day Slime Recipes

3 Ingredient Safe Putty Slime by Tater Tots And Jello

Edible Valentine’s Slime by Kids Activities Blog


Happy Valentine’s Day!

There are a zillion different fun ways to make slime. These are just twenty of the coolest Valentine’s Day slime recipes I could find. Don’t forget to also check out this I Spy Valentine’s Worksheet.

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