Marvel Superheroes and Disney Princesses #Kindermom

I have a new obsession. These Marvel superhero toys inside specially marked packages of KinderCanada toys. I can’t stop playing with them. My kids, especially the self confessed tomboy kid, hung them all over the minivan, so I find myself playing when we are parked and playing when we are at home and flipping the toy’s heads off so they can do battle. That’s the power of Kindertoys _ somehow they make you feel like a kid again. 
I am a KinderMom again this year which means friends, family and neighbours will all reap the rewards once again as we gift these babies for Halloween, Easter, Christmas and school parties. I will take them to family events confident in the knowledge Kindereggs are allergy friendly and peanut free. Perfect for sharing with my niece and nephew who have peanut allergies. You might wonder what’s new about these toys this year. Well, happy to let you know specially marked KinderCanada treats have Marvel superhero toys or Disney Princesses inside. 
This is my superhero daughter. She would much rather play superheroes any day of the week over Princess games. My older daughter, at this point in her tween life, could play with either Princesses or superheroes, but when she was little she was the princessy girl, you know the one who wore a tutu to walk to the library. Both my girls loved meeting the Disney princesses at Disney Florida both times we went. We stayed at Port Orleans Resort one year when the kids were small and of course we visited the Bippity Boppity Boutique so they could have the full princess makeover. Payton left looking like Belle, one of her favourite princesses because they both share a love of reading.  Of all the Disney Princesses, the two most recent, Merida and Rapunzel, are their all time favourites. In fact numerous days this summer I would catch my kids out back fashioning bows and arrows out of yard debris like twigs and branches, pretending to be inside Merida’s story. They actually both got really good at aim and archery was a lovely activity they enjoyed together at summer camp. Now if only Disney had a superhero lair attraction where boys and girls could go to get the full tranformation into a heroic action figure. I have at least one girl here who would sign up for that immediately. 
The day my new Kindertoys arrived we all broke open a selection and were thrilled to find that 2 out of every 3 eggs contains one of these unique Marvel or Disney toys. We got lucky, opening four superheroes in a row. Now that’s what I call a great play to chocolate ratio. 
How can you resist these Kindertoys?
Yesterday the girls raced across the street to gift some new neighbourhood friends KinderCanada Kindereggs. That’s the other thing I love about Kindertoys. They have an uncanny ability to melt people’s hearts and build friendships. I can’t wait to gift them out for Halloween again, and Christmas parties, and events throughout the year. They are typically a huge hit at our Easter egg hunt also. 

 Does your child have a favourite princess or superhero book or movie – one that needs to be read or watched over and over again? You can take a peek at the the new Kinder® Surprise® Disney Princess and Marvel Heroes toy collections (

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