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Metal Roofs – The Merits of Metal

Metal roofs have been around for a long time, but they’ve seen a marked increase in popularity over the last couple of years. This popularity is spurred by the growing awareness of the longevity, energy efficiency, and durability of metal roofs. As more and more people discover the benefits of these types of roof, their popularity continues to grow.


Metal Roofs – What Makes Them Better

Metal roofs are experiencing a surge in popularity. Even builders and contractors are beginning to promote metal roofing for its benefits. This roofing material is resilient, durable, cost effective, and lasts. We are in the market for a new roof here actually and I have been pricing them out and getting estimates but I see 75 % of the new roofs in our neighbourhood are metal roofs so I wanted to do some more research to determine which option makes more sense for my home and my family. Of course then I thought I’d share what I found with you because some of this is extremely interesting. It’s making me consider metal.


A metal roof can last from between 40 to 70 years, depending on the type of metal used. This is from 2 to 5 times longer than a traditional asphalt roof.


A metal roof is more durable than an asphalt shingled roof, as well. In fact, some metal roofing can withstand winds of up to 140 miles per hour. In addition, a metal roof won’t corrode or crack, is impact resistant depending on which material is used, and they don’t need the periodic maintenance that other roofing materials can require.


A metal roof won’t spark or ignite during wildfires or from a lightning strike.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs reflect radiant heat from the sun. This heat reflection can save between 10% to 25% in energy costs.



Environmentally Friendly 

Metal roofs are made with anywhere from 25% to 95% recycled content and are 100% recyclable, whereas most shingle tear-off ends up in a landfill. Metal roofing also requires no petroleum for production.

Cost Effective 

Although metal roofing can be up to 3 times more expensive than traditional roofing materials, it is still far more cost effective than traditional roofing. The fact that a metal roof can last up to 5 times longer than a traditional roof, means that over the course of the roof’s life, you’ll actually save money.

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Less Weight

While this might not seem like a major selling point, the fact that metal roofs weigh about half as much as asphalt roofing means that your home’s load bearing elements like beams and the foundation will experience less stress, which translates to less likelihood of needing repairs down the line.

Metal Roofs – A New Trend, Not a Fad

Metal roofs may be a new trend, but they are most certainly not a fad. These roofs have been around for quite some time, but they’ve only recently seen a surge in popularity as their benefits become more and more wildly known. While you’ll have to pay extra up front, in the long run, metal roofs will save you money, repair costs, energy expenditures, and more.

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    A friend of mine just got a metal roof not long ago and loves it .Said its also done wonders for their bills. So its for sure more cost effective for them! Which is great

  • Brandy

    I have heard fantastic things about metal roofs, seriously as I look at this rental homes roof I can see why they should switch to metal because the shingles just continue to fall off 🙁

  • Sarah

    I loved learning more about the benefits of having a metal roof these are fantastic tips and I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us!

  • Jeanette

    I have never seen a metal roof where I live. I live in a very hot desert area so lots of things don’t do is well here so maybe that’s why. If you put a need to have something that would last five times longer than what I have already.

  • Chris Lewis

    I love that these can last so much longer. My initial hesitation was noise, but in reading this and hearing from others that have moved to this they say that the noise factor is not as bad as I would have guessed!

  • Bonnie @wemake7

    We used to have a metal roof at our old place but not here. I think they are great. Hopefully we can get one here.

  • Heather

    My husband immediately said, ‘Yeah they last like 50+ years!’ He also knew all these benefits. I had no idea. Our house was built 10 years ago, so definitely something for us to keep in mind when it comes to replace the roof. Thank you for this information.

  • Terri Beavers

    The metal roof looks really nice, I wouldn’t have thought they’d look so good. I’ll have to check out metal roofs when it’s time for me to re roof my home.

  • Jenn

    These are not an option where we live, but we saw a lot of them while visiting my parents in Florida over spring break. Now, I know why.

  • Chantal

    I need a new roof within the next few years. I have been looking into different roofs since I found out I need to replace mine and metal roofs are very appealing.

  • Gwendolyn Mulholland

    My husband and I love the look of a metal roof. We also love them because of all the great benefits that they offer. It will be a while before we need a new roof but we will be going metal when that time comes.

  • Amanda

    We are currently house hunting and worried about roofs. I’m so glad to have come across this article since it is so informative for our house search. Thanks!