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Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge Vermont #IFWTWA

Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge, located in picturesque Waitsfield, Vermont, serves up New American inspired vegan and vegetarian clean cuisine. Good food speaks to everyone and Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge is fluent in food. Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge brings the best vegan and vegetarian cuisine to Vermont residents and tourists.


Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge – Fine Dining in Vermont

This restaurant, the culinary child of a couple who had a successful vegan/vegetarian restaurant in LA, sits on Main Street in Waitsfield, Vermont. A town practically in the shadows of two major ski resorts, with the Green Mountains to the west and the Northfield Mountains to the east. Situated between them in the Mad River Valley, Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge brings the finest of vegan and vegetarian dining to this beautiful spot.

After a day of skiing at Sugarbush Ski Resort we tidied up and drove to Waitsfield. About 10 minutes from the Sugarbush ski resort itself, Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge came highly recommended. So I was immediately interested in experiencing the farm to table dining Vermont is known for.


First of all, the drive to Waitsfield is well worth it any time of the year. Take a camera along to shoot some of the covered bridges and the shops. Go before the sun sets and make plans to dine at Mint (open Wednesday to Sunday 5 to 8:30 p.m.). The superior food and warm, welcoming vibe of Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge makes for a dining experience that is a lovely cap to a day spent taking in the beauty of the region.

The Moroccan lentil soup features ginger, garlic, carrots, red bell peppers, lemon juice, cilantro and coriander. It is a treat.

On our last ski trip to Vermont in February 2017, we had the pleasure of dining at Mint, and it is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a restaurant. We each tried to sample different options so we had a feel for menu and chef’s talent. The Moroccan lentil is a perfect winter soup. Soups in many restaurants rely on salt and pepper for flavour which sells the soup, and the customer, short. The Moroccan lentil features lemon juice, ginger, coriander and one of my personal favourites – cilantro. It was a wonderful combination.


My mint salad was exceptional. Can’t say enough about the salad selections at Mint. They are unique, clean and fresh. These are the kind of salads you wish you could duplicate at home, but know full well any attempt to do this will fall flat by comparison. The Mint Salad featured arugula, pears, assorted micro greens, dried cranberries, dressed in mint olive vinaigrette, topped with Pecorino Toscano, toasted almonds and pink peppercorns. Off the hook delicious.


Our kids both ordered Pappardelle, with handcut wide egg noodles, layered on top of asparagus and spinach, sprinkled with sage and walnuts. Walnuts were a nice touch and we loved the Pecorino Toscano, a firm textured cheese made of sheep’s milk. The Pappardelle was a hit with both of my girls. They also had the super salad featuring lentils, black beans, basil and mint, carrots, beets, tomato and micro greens.




Stir fried rice noodles with fried tofu was my entree choice which was also gluten free. The rice noodles dish contained eggplant, broccoli, carrots, garlic, ginger, mint, basil and a tamarind-agave glaze. You’ve never had tofu this magnificent.

Although I strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Mint actually inspired me to work harder on creating some beautiful vegetarian dishes at home.


Mint is a comfortable, posh – but not pretentious – restaurant with flavours of cuisine that is both complex and easy to appreciate. Service was attentive, but with ingredients like sprouted greens, toasted breads, fresh mint and a few vegetarian standbys, food is the star here. After you’re finished enjoy one of the many amazing desserts.

This is without question some of the most creative food we’ve had anywhere we have travelled. You need not be vegetarian, or vegan, to appreciate this exceptional menu and dining experience. We were too full to try the teas but they have an amazing array of options to sample. 

The Menu changes often to accommodate local fresh clean ingredients. I felt great after this meal, and not sluggish or tired as some meals can leave you, and highly recommend Mint. Follow Mint on Facebook for news, events and reviews.

Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge – Worth the Trip

It is impossible to eat poorly in Vermont. Fresh ingredients are bountiful and whether you ski, snowboard or hike, you are sure to always be hungry. Mint in Waitsfield, Vermont, is pretty near flawless and is one of my top two dining experiences of all time. Vegetarian or not, you will love Mint in Vermont.

We were guests of Mint while visiting Vermont recently. My opinion is all my own and it is always truthful.

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  • Katie Kinsley

    The food looks great there. It’s always good to find refreshing recipes on the vegetarian and vegan diets. That is a downfall when traveling when you can’t find reviews of good restaurants and are stuck ordering a salad just for diet’s sake!

  • Lisa Favre

    This place looks so cozy! And let’s talk about the food: looks absolutely delicious! I must agree, eating in Vermont is always a great experience. Definitely need to check this place out.

  • Lynzy Coughlin

    The food looks delicious, that’s so amazing that they have healthy selections for people wanting to watch what they eat. I have never visited Vermont and would love to see how beautiful it is whether it’s snow covered or in the beautiful summer time. I love that they have such a variety of everything for everyone’s taste buds!

  • Vera Bortolotto

    Oh everything looks so yum! We have a trip planned for next year in VT so this is something I will put on my list of places to dine, Thank you so much for the suggestion.

  • Joely Smith

    Now THIS is my type of place! Every single dish you showed in the pics I was like “Ohhh I would eat that!” or “OMG I NEED THAT”! It just kept getting better and better! There was not one thing I would not devour! Love the name of the place too. Mint is wonderful, healing, and so healthy in and of itself! I am a huge tea fanatic too. Thanks for telling about this place. If I ever find myself in Vermont, a place I would LOVE to visit, I will go there!

    • Paula

      Joely: Thrilled to hear that. It was really creative cooking and honestly I can take or leave meat, and take or leave gluten but this frankly appealed to all of us and was delicious. Great option for anyone in the area who appreciates a good meal.

  • Bites for FoodieS

    You had me at vegan and vegetarian cuisine, I think you can guess why! lol! I actually think that many of these restaurants offer some pretty good options that even meat-lovers would enjoy.

  • Farrah Less G.

    I like checking local shop and restaurant whenever we travel. And try their fine cuisine I am not a vegan but that vegan salad really looks delicious. Makes me want to be a vegan anytime soon for better health purposes.

  • Amanda

    This all looks so good, especially the entrees! I often have trouble finding restaurants with vegetarian options other than salad, so this is right up my alley. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be visiting Mint the next time I’m in Vermont.

  • Michelle

    I absolutely LOVED this post. I grew up in Burlington Vermont and am currently a frequent visitor. I’ve never been to the Mint Restaurant and tea lounge but I need to make a point to. I’m a strict vegetarian and I know people that live there

  • Nikki

    That looks like such a delicious place to dine! I wish we had more vegetarian restaurants around here. We used to have this really awesome one decades ago, when I was a teenager (and a vegetarian). I think they were just a little too early, though, because they didn’t last long. If they had opened even ten years later, I bet they would have succeeded.

  • Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    The East Coast has long been on my list of places that I want to visit someday. While I don’t a vegetarian diet on a regular basis, I do try to eat as many vegetables as I can. I can see why the Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge came so highly recommended. The food looks amazing!

  • Pinay Mommy Online

    The food looks delicious, the place looks awesome, but it kept me wondering… how they came up with this unique idea. Wine? Tea? Wow! Just unique. The concept is really new to me.