I never looked this exhausted before I had kids.

We all have them – those crazed exhausted Mommy moments in which we do something so incredibly forgetful it can only be described as Momnesia. I once knew a Mom who went to work with mismatched shoes. I always secretly thought that was a ploy to make her look like she was busier than the rest of us lowly reporters. But now I know it happens. Momnesia. A lady I know who is very smart and successful, mom of two little girls and a professor, once missed the parent teacher meeting scheduled for her child. A different Mom forgot snack day. Imagine the horror when she realized the class might have been sitting there hungrily waiting for snack. (Luckily clever teacher has backup snacks stashed in fridge) I have personally driven down the street without my glasses on in a rush to get my kids to school. Totally not understanding why the signs were blurry. I also forgot snack one time, but it wasn’t nearly as big a Momnesia moment, as the time when my friend Jenn forgot snack day on the day of her daughter’s birthday. When my Payton did SK every other day and the Fridays she attended meant that every other Friday she was off, I think I got a call about eight times that year from teacher reminding me it was the day for her to be there. Embarrassing! Then there were the days I took her in and it was not her slated school day. I mean really who thinks up these schedules – must be a man! My own mother used to leave the house trailing nylons, often. Stuck in the laundry inside her slacks, she rarely noticed them dangling when she left the house. While I am confessing, I should also let you know I once was at hospital having blood tests and totally forgot I was supposed to race to parent teacher progress meeting right after. Missed it. Oops. I lived with the guilt for at least two weeks feeling like the worst parent ever, until I realized another Mom of child in the same class had done the very same thing. Momnesia. Some days the times and dates and all the rest of it just blurr together. We leave the keys in the door. We forget dinner in the oven. We occasionally screw up snack days. We are Moms and we are occasionally imperfect. But we all love our kids and we try our hardest – most days. What was your Momnesia moment?

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  • L. Eleana Johnson

    “Momnesia” the second mommy word I’ve learned today. Love it! Yesterday I had momnesia when I sent my kid to school with a lunch and forgot they had early dismissal. The teacher called to remind me and laughed at how she didn’t think my little girl would find the staff meeting amusing! Lol!

  • Skees

    Rachel doesn’t even go to school yet, and I’ve done so many of what you listed above. Probably my biggest my momnesia moment was this passed weekend forgetting to pack an extra set of clothes that stay in car, just in case we have an accident, which we did as Rachel got sick.