Monday Mingle From the Beach

Hi all. Happy Monday. I am mingling from the beach today crossing items off my summer to do list. Monday mingle is a blog/ vlog meme hosted by
Usually I vlog, but I have missed a few this summer. And today I felt like posting from the beach in Port Stanley where the weather is fabulous today.
Anyways, the questions today are:
1. What did you do for your Sweet Sixteenth? Um I am guessing whoever asked this question is closer to 16 than me. I do not remember at all. Probably a small family birthday at the cottage. Dunno. So long ago…

2.What do you think of pageants in which toddlers get all made up with tiaras and such?
Answer: Hate it. I do not watch this awful tv. I think people in general can be far too quick to thrust children into adult roles. Kids should be protected and loved. Not exploited.

3. What kind of car did you learn to drive on
Heavens. Something old : it was like a chevy chevette or some such. We also had an old Plymouth for a bit. I had my beginners on that.  Also my first vehicle was a Hyundai Pony bought for about $1,000. It was a standard transmission and I loved that. Terrible car though. Really awful rusty thing that died. I actually waited until I was engaged to learn how to drive. My mother wouldn’t let me drive her car when I was 16. She wouldn’t let me near it, so I waited. Did not get the rush to get a license when I had to ride the bus everywhere anyways.

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  • Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom

    I thought of the question about Sweet 16, but then later realized I had no idea what I did! LOL.

    Chevy Chevette – I haven’t thought about those in years! How funny.

    I hope you had a wonderful time on the beach!