Mother’s Day: Tenderflake Pie Kits. Bake a Smile and a #Giveaway Chef’s Coat

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My girls and I love to bake. And we love to be silly too. Because every now and then humor is food for your soul. So for Mother’s Day we shared some silly moments in the kitchen and we tried out Tenderflake’s Easy Pie kits. I mean, really, who doesn’t love pie?
Tenderflake easy pie kits and Tenderflake pie shells take the headache out of baking and help simplify process for children in the kitchen. On occasion we make our own crusts and shells, but I love how these make everything just a bit easier and scrumptious too. There are two different Easy Pie kits: one has crumble topping and the other has a regular double crust topping. All you do is add the fruit or the filling. For our Mother’s Day pie we tried banana cream.
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Tonight we get to sample it. Mushy bananas and milk and sugar and maybe some fresh sliced bananas or whipped topping on the top. So good! Plus the mixing and pouring and making pie together is just fun. Tenderflake always tastes good and is affordable too. We love the small tart shells.
banana smile pie 002
We called our creation – Banana Smile Pie.
Pick up a Tenderflake Easy Pie kit and make a pie with your kids, or your Mom. Perfect for all three generations actually. For a limited time you can win one of these cute kid’s chef coats too. Win one of two ways enter here on my blog through the widget below. Or save seven UPC symbols and send them in. Open to Canadians only.
In the mean time you can also gather some fun family ideas for crafts and things to do with your children on Mother’s Day. Perfect for friends and family too. Visit Tenderflake Family Workshop for more information. Disclosure: I am a member of Maple Leaf Connects and as such, I receive compensation and some perks for writing about their products. I love Tenderflake and my opinion is all my own. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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