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Playmobil Take Along Toys – The Wonder of Play Anywhere #TMMSG17

Playmobil take along toys make it easy for kids to enjoy the wonder of play no matter where they are. These toys are designed for children to enjoy at home as well as on the go. So they’re perfect for trips, sleepovers at grandma’s house, or any situation where the kids will be away from home for awhile. These Playmobil take along toys are super cute, durable, and a great way for kids to play and use their imaginations no matter where they are.


Playmobil Take Along Toys – Take Along Fun

My niece and nephews are just at that age where their brains are firing on all creative cylinders. They love to play, and they love to create stories as they play. Their favorite toys are the ones that allow them to make up different stories as they go along. So you’ll often see them playing with sets and figures, with every play session having a different story.

That’s the kind of thing I love for them, and that’s why I adore these take along sets from Playmobil. They make it easy for the kids to have fun no matter where they are. The genius of these sets is that the play environment is also the carrying case, so there’s no need for extra packing. The kids just close up the play set, and they’re off!

Look how thin it folds up!! Love this.

My Take Along Farm

For the budding farmer and animal lover in your life, there’s the Playmobil My Take Along Farm. This set features a cow, pig, dog, cat, and bird, along with “feed” barrels, and various farm implements. The bright colors and setting make it a fun way for kids to create their own outdoor stories, and when they’re done, the kids simply close up the barn and carry it with them with the attached, hideaway handle.

Take Along Fairy Unicorn Garden

If fairy dust is what your kid is all about, then this most magical of Playmobil take along toys is for them. The fairy garden folds out and in for easy transportation, and it comes with a fairy, unicorn and foals, and magical decorations. The pastel and gold colors are classic fairy tale, and its ease of use and carry makes it perfect for any child. This beauty went straight to my niece’s house after we set it up and took photos. I know she will get hours of fun from it.

Playmobil Take Along Toys – The Perfect on the go Toy

Whether your child is a nature lover or a budding magician, Playmobil take along toys are the perfect way for them to craft their own stories on the go. I love the freedom it offers the children to be creative wherever they go, and I love that their design makes it easier to keep track of all the pieces that come with the toys. Give them a look for your kids and put one away now for the next birthday party coming up. I think they’ll be a perfect fit!

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  • Alli Smith

    I love the idea of just closing up the set and it’s ready to take on a trip or to grandma’s house. I’m always on the lookout for creative play ideas for my grandkids. Two of them have birthdays coming up this month and these take-along toys would be the perfect gifts.

  • lisalisa

    I love the Playmobil brand. They have so many cool creative toys for kids and they are also well constructed too. I agree, the concept of being able to close the set up is very smart and makes it so much easier to travel with and keep up with all the pieces!

  • Jocelyn

    How cute! These remind me of some of the larger Polly Pockets sets that I had as a kid. The colors and characters look fun, and who doesn’t love a “pack up and go” play set?

  • shannon

    Can’t go wrong with PlayMobil! I like the sleek, easy to fold up look of this. Heck I’m in favor of anything for kids that isn’t an iPhone or computer screen. I think this might be perfect for my niece, thanks!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These Playmobil take along toys are awesome and I love how thin they are when they are folded. My little great nieces would love this one because they both adore horses. I will have to share this post with my nieces for their little girls. Thanks for sharing these awesome take along toys. .

  • My Teen Guide

    Thank you for letting me know about Playmobil. This would really keep the kids busy during road trips with the family. I love that there are two variants to keep the kids creativity flowing. I have a niece who would love to have her own Playmobil. Their family will be visiting relatives down south my early May so this will be a good toy for her to take to pass the time away.

  • Ayesha

    I see people put up small monitors at the back seat for kids to stay entertained on a long drive but these toys are a better idea. Atleast u dont have to ruin ur kids eyes.