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Playmobil WaterPark Set Makes Summer Fun

The Playmobil Waterpark is one of my favourite new summer toys this year. Playmobil waterpark with slides will have kids flocking to your yard for creative play this season. This new, cheery and colourful set can be used both indoors and out.


Summer is a great time to find the kids outdoors enjoying the weather, the parks, and people’s backyards. One of the things I love about summer is that children are often motivated to get outside because the weather is so nice. Even so, in the summer months I love to have some indoor and outdoor toys on hand for my kids and any others who come to visit, so they don’t find themselves bored or getting into mischief. The Playmobil waterpark is one of those go to summer toys for us this year.

My kids are older now, but they love the Playmobil brand even still. We have known this brand for many years. In fact this is one brand both of my kids wish we’d had more of over the years. When this Playmobil Waterpark arrived both of my girls lit up.

We have a pool and over the summer it is well used by the kids, their friends and their cousins too. Kids of all ages are here playing indoors and outdoors. This type of toy can be used near the pool and can even help encourage younger swimmers to get comfortable with water play.

Toys like this can bridge multiple ages and multiple worlds. You can use it inside or outside. My older daughter can take this with her, or use it here when she babysits and she can play alongside the child she is watching. That’s a great tool for someone like my daughter, who still sometimes enjoys toys, but also knows that many appeal to a much younger age group. This gives her ability to introduce these fun toys to kids she watches. My younger daughter can still enjoy the Playmobil WaterPark on her own, or with her friends all over the neighbourhood.


Playmobil Waterpark with slides

Playmobil makes great quality toys that last and inspire creative play. The Playmobil Waterpark is simple to put together and really cute when it is set up. The kids set this up on their own one day when I was in Toronto for a business meeting. The Playmobil Waterpark with slides has a few moving parts like the octopus in the wave pool area that spins and creates ripples in the water when there is water in the reservoir. Playmobil Waterpark has slides and floats and a raisable raft area. There’s a small rope pully kind of thing that allows kids to raise the rafts up the ladder for the figures to play with.

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Playmobil WaterPark is inspiring and fun to play with. This is the kind of playset, or toy that brings out the kid in all of us. Everyone enjoys waterparks and now you can all pretend to be there with this set. I would give this as a birthday present to any of the summer babies I know who are under 10. The set is aimed at children 3-10 and there are some small pieces that would make it unsafe for a toddler. Best of all, this is a toy powered by imagination and not batteries.

The Playmobil WaterPark with slides is exceptional quality. Playmobil makes hundreds of different playsets. The figures that come with each are often interchangeable. There are several additional Playmobil accessories that can be added to this one to build an even bigger experience. I would add some smaller pieces like the child with kayak, or the paddleboat, and maybe even the park change rooms to this set to more fully experience the world of Playmobil.

The Playmobil Waterpark with slides (6669) is a great toy for the backyard near the pool, or on the patio. It has the ability to keep little ones entertained for hours creating stories and acting those out. If I were a child I would go nuts for the waterpark with slides and the summer camper playset, both shown below from Amazon.

This set in the new summer fun series of toys sells for about $79.99. It is also available on Amazon.

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