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Who’s Your Daddy? Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts for Dad #BestDadBestBuy

Who’s your Daddy? Gadget Dad? Fitness Dad? Gamer Dad? Geek Dad? Fishing Dad? DIY Dad? Golfer Dad? Handy Dad? There are almost as many types of Dads as there are men in the world. Father’s Day is fast approaching, and that’s got me thinking about our Dad, father of our two girls, chauffeur, support person, DIY handyman, globetrotter, and brown belt. I am grateful for my husband, who is also one of my all round favourite people. Regardless of the type of Dad you have, or are shopping for, you need not panic because Best Buy has you covered with the best tech gifts for Father’s Day.


This past weekend as soon as I got home from Florida, my daughter Ainsley and I went on a top secret shopping mission for Father’s Day. We began by brainstorming what our Dad might like for Father’s Day. Our Dad is a fitness enthusiast and a handy guy too. He’s not a gamer so gaming systems were out. He has taken up skiing with the rest of us and I thought because he is so sporty something athletic in nature might be the answer this year. We got to the store and Best Buy Canada London Geek Squad super agent Chris greeted us.


If you are stuck wondering what to get this year don’t hesitate to ask for help at Best Buy Canada. The Geek Squad is always on the job and happy to help. Chris gave us the roundup of all the best tech gifts at Best Boy Canada in store and on line too. We have a Best Buy store close to us and we happily find excuses to visit often.

Best Tech Gifts for Father’s Day

So what are the popular options this year? Well, these wireless Sony headphones came highly recommended by Chris. I had asked him to suggest some affordable wireless headphones and he noted that these are excellent for a low price of $199.99. The wireless part means they work well at the gym too. So that’s a great option for us too. I also have a birthday present to buy for my husband so I know I will be dropping in to Best Buy more than once.


If your Dad is all about the bass, then these might be just right for him. Best Buy in store has several small appliances and the music and entertainment options are essentially unlimited. Best Buy Canada on line has a gorgeous telescope and some quirky camping gear too. I am still eyeing up a telescope I saw there, because it looks awesome to me and that’s something educational the kids would love to use with Dad.



Sony is a reliable brand in my experience so these Sony speakers caught my eye as well. I think any of us could use them around the backyard. I also think my husband would get a kick out of them so maybe these could be a great gift, or I could give them to him for his birthday coming soon too.


The Go Pro hero 4 is perfect for your sports enthusiast Dad. If your Dad is always on the go, or likes thrill seeking kinds of sports like sky diving, downhill skiing, swimming, zip lining, bungee jumping, and scuba diving this Go Pro Hero 4 waterproof camera is ideal! This is a gift we’ve all been eyeing for months, if not longer. But this Go Pro Hero 4 is on sale right now. Plus I like the idea of being able to buy accessories regularly. That means I never have to stress over coming up with an idea for a gift again.


I don’t honestly know if my husband would appreciate this or not, but it caught my eye. The August home security system with Bluetooth fits over your existing door lock and then integrates with your smartphone app, so you can open your door with your phone, or unlock it for the neighbour watching your cats. I kind of love the look of this and it seems like a gadget I would totally use. My husband could see the usefulness of that.


Nest also has several cool tech gifts and gadgets that might make Dad happy too. This one is one I recommend because it will help you save money and energy and what Dad doesn’t want that? We just installed one here this week and so far so good.


Nest also has smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms too. You could buy Dad a bunch of Nest products. I think there are a lot of men who would love this great tech gift.


Is Dad playful? Is he a true tech loving Geek Dad or a photo buff? Then this Drone will be a hit. There are drones of multiple sizes and prices and even toy drones that are as little as $50 to $60 all the way up to several thousand dollars. I could see using this to do overhead photography. In fact Chris says many event planners and some police departments are now using drones. The one uses them for fun photography at events and the other for law enforcement.


Wearable tech is something I really could see fitting in well here. The Fitbit is ever evolving and so great for any athlete. Dad could use this to get and stay fit. There are a couple of new Fitbit options that I liked a lot. The bigger screen on the Fitbit Alta, Blaze or Surge makes me want to buy one for myself. But there Blaze and The Surge are perfect for any Dad.


Best Buy has the coolest tech, toys, and gear to remind Dad how much he means to you. This might appeal to the Dads out there who are gamers. Samsung VR Gear is cool and changing the way people game. According to this agent, these will be extremely popular over the next year as gaming systems begin integrating virtual reality technology. For a limited time you can also get this VR gear free when you buy a Samsung cell phone. 

Exclusive to Best Buy, Geek Squad Agents are on a daily mission to set up, protect, support and repair your computers, home theatre, cell phones and more. Geek Squad will come to your rescue in-store, in-home or online. 

 Get VIP treatment for a low monthly payment with Geek Squad Membership Plan. Geek Squad Agents are always ready to help – visit in-store as often as you like and get 24/7 Online Support. Plus, enjoy a long list of exclusive benefits to keep your tech in shape. From setting up your new device to making sure you have the best Internet security, they will handle it. That means you can focus on the fun parts of owning a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. I need to have them help me out with setting up and installing a recent purchase actually so can’t wait to give this a try. 

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 Geek Squad Protection Service Plan ensures the long-lasting enjoyment of your purchase with comprehensive coverage from the day you buy it for dad. It also helps to make dad’s life easier and give him extra piece of mind. So any of the tech gifts you buy for Dad this year will be well protected for many years.

Happy Father’s Day! We ended up with the Go Pro Hero and that’s going to be so exciting to give. We also got the extended protection this time for peace of mind with our tech gifts.

Have you bought your present for Dad yet?

This post is sponsored by Best Buy Canada and as such I received compensation. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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  • kita bryant

    My hubs loved his phones and headphones. Before he passed he wanted those samsung headphones and got them too. I think all men are into the tech stuff well the younger ones. My uncle who is old says he just wants to go fishing.

  • Tammilee Tips

    I love how Best Buy has something for every dad out there! I know I am in love with the Fitbits and almost everything Samsung. I know my dad would love almost everything on this list of gifts.

  • Bites for Foodies

    My dad is really into photography so I’m sure he would love the GoPro…actually I would love it!! He goes scuba diving every year so this would be great for him to bring along!

  • Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    Tech gadgets are all the rage for Father’s Day presents. Last year we got my husband a GoPro and he absolutely loves it! The adventures that he has captured on it are awesome, too. I love how handy they are. This year I haven’t quite decided what to get — guess I better get on that!

  • Inspiring Kitchen

    These are awesome suggestions for tech savvy dads. My husband loves gadgets and he would flip when he sees that drone. I’m sure he’d love to have one of those. I hope they are not too expensive.

  • Melissa Dixon

    Best Buy really have some cool toys for Father’s Day gifts. I can think of a few I would like to get for myself while picking up something for my husband and dad. So many cool toys, so little time! lol I really want the Go pro for my husband because he is always on a fun adventure and it should be made into a reality tv show I swear he is entertaining!