The Best Christmas Pokemon Gifts Roundup


Pokemon Gifts Roundup

I have two girls who love this little guy named Pikachu. In my house the gender specific toys don’t really ever fly. My kids make up their own rules of play and they both love Pokemon. Oh they still love Barbie and Monster High, but they know what they like and they won’t be told by anyone what is cool, or girly. My junior black belt ten year old daughter has been collecting Pokemon cards for the last year or more. She has more than I can count and her interest shows no real indication of tapering off any time soon. Who would have thought that even though Pokemon has been around for over 15 years, kids today would still love to play with them. From playing cards to plush toys, there are a variety of Pokemon gifts available for the Pikachu lovers on our gift list. Here are some ideas to jumpstart your Pokemon holiday time!

Table of Contents

Grabbag – 20 Rare Pokemon Cards                                                                                   $12.99

Pokémon 24 Piece 1″ Mini PVC Action Figure Set                                                  $10.50

Pokemon: Essential Handbook                                                                                           $ 6.29

Ultra Pro Pokemon X and Y 2″ 3-Ring Binder                                                               $12.60

Pokemon Ash Ketchum hat                                                                                                    $ 4.08

XY Trainer Kit                                                                                                                                   $13.24

Pokemon Iconic Peel and Stick Wall Decals                                                                 $13.69

Legend of Kalos Spring EX Booster Packs Tins                                                              $34.95

How to Draw Pokemon                                                                                                             $ 5.99

TOMY Pokémon Pokedex Trainer Kit                                                                               $71.67

Pokemon Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball Belt                                                                              $19.99

Pikachu Keychain Badge Holder Lanyard                                                                      $ 5.47

Decorative Pillow-Pikachu                                                                                                      $14.12

Pokemon monster ball                                                                                                              $11.99

Pokemon Plush Dragonite Doll                                                                                            $12.99

Pokémon Play Center Storage Case                                                                                   $14.99

Pokemon Visual Companion                                                                                                 $13.87

Pokemon Pom Beanie                                                                                                                $19.23

Pokemon 6 Inch Plush – Pikachu                                                                                          $8.95

Blue Pokemon Lunch Kit                                                                                                          $44.99

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