personalized desk art for dad
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Posterjack Acrylic Blocks Personalized Desk Art For Dad #Giveaway

personalized desk art

Full disclosure. This is a case where I want you to do as I say, not as I do.

Posterjack’s new acrylic blocks would make the loveliest desk art ever for your Dad. They really would. If you can give them away. Wait, what?

See, I am not using mine as Dad’s desk art. Bad Paula. I know. I intended to make this and have it given to my husband as a gift, but we have several things bought and wrapped already for Father’s Day. I had this piece made by Posterjack, and as soon as I placed it on my mantel, then moved it around my living room, I knew this present was a family gift, not a Dad gift. So I thought it unfair to give it to him and then end up claiming it myself anyways, so you see I am in fact thinking of others here and not just me. Do as I say, not as I do.

personalized desk art for dad

I love the emotion that personalized art generates. These personalized acrylic blocks will make you feel something. They will make you feel happy, or nostalgic, or loved. Posterjack personalized art transports you. These are the perfect gifts to give when you want to connect with someone’s heart.

This Posterjack personalized acrylic art block makes me happy every time I look at it. It makes me feel a desire to travel. It makes me feel cozy and safe and fortunate and it makes me proud to have a great family and a job that permits me to travel places like Mont Tremblant so that I can later write about the experiences like dog sledding and share them with others.

Beautiful art connects with your heart, your stomach or your brain. Posterjack builds that experience on so many different mediums. There are traditional canvas, poster, framed, and metal prints. I love having options. This is the first ever acrylic block personalized desk art I have made with Posterjack. I chose a picture from the time we visited Tremblant in March and went dog sledding together. It’s a shot of Ainsley, Jim and I together bundled up in a dog sled. That just reminds me of what a great time we had and it feels cozy and special.

I have worked with Posterjack here before and I love their simple process of choosing and uploading and ordering your artwork for personal use or for gifting. And these are such great gifts for any occasion so Father’s Day would be a brilliant chance to make something heartfelt for Dad. Again do as I say not as I do. Dad would love one of these. You also have a chance to win a $50 gift code to Posterjack. You can build your own piece with what you win. Good luck and follow the directions!

There is also a free Father’s Day printable coupons post here, if you need something fast from the kids. I was given a free piece to personalize and to gift to one luck reader. Posterjack is a generous sponsor and I hope that you will love their art and service as much as I do. By the way don’t forget to enter my other giveaways running right now. I have a Yak giveaway worth $400. And I also have a Jord wood watch giveaway worth $139.

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