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Six Christmas Essentials for the Holidays #TMMGG2015


Now I’m not saying everybody wants to receive Christmas gifts of Facial Wax and Arm and Hammer Oxi Clean Crystal Burst detergent but there’s reason to stock up on several Church and Dwight necessities during the holidays. And more than a few of these could easily be used inside care packages for your loved ones. They might even make it into a stocking or two.

When the holidays hit you’ll be doing more laundry than usual. So keep the Crystal Burst laundry detergent power pacs for yourself. OR send it home with your college age son or daughter. When we were newlyweds my Mother-in-law used to gift all of her sons and daughters-in-law a gift basket filled with practical essentials like laundry essentials, cleaning products, toiletries, new towels and such. It was a nice tradition and she took great care to pack each basket every year for Christmas gifts. Many of these Church and Dwight items could be used in a similar fashion.


Six Christmas Essentials for the Holidays

  1. Arm and Hammer Oxi Clean Crystal Burst – because holidays mean meals and guests which also means doing laundry.
  2. Vitafusion SleepWell Melatonin would be good for the traveler in your bunch. One of the members of this family takes melatonin out of necessity often and we’ve been trying this gummy version for a week or so. I like that there’s a gummy version of melatonin for those times when you are away from home and jet lagged. There are dozens of versions of Melatonin now, but it’s nice to see this one too.
  3. Orajel Toothpaste and Toothbrushes: With all the treats and extra goodies the kids will be eating over the holidays after they open their Christmas gifts, it makes sense to have Orajel toothpaste handy and these cute Orajel Mario toothbrushes are excellent stocking stuffers. Orajel is an anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste gel that kids love and Mario can’t help but make mini gamers want to brush.
  4. The Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Face Wax is a great little stocking stuffer. This Nair Moroccan Argan Oil has a breakthrough technology and a washable resin wax formula. It would be good for travel emergencies too. The small size works inside a suitcase and it’s only $14.99.
  5. Batiste Original Dry Shampoo is fast becoming one of my favourite new products. It works brilliantly to take care of oily hair those times when you don’t have a moment to wash. The Batiste has been used here a few times by one of my teens. This is a great stocking stuffer. This is an all year round essential but it works for Christmas Essentials too. Stuff one in the stocking of any teenager you know. We used this on picture day this year or last year. As in, the time we forgot it was picture day and then had to scramble to get dressed and presentable enough for photos that morning. Teenage necessity. Brilliant product!
  6. Gravol Ginger Liquid Gels. These work well for any stomach upsets. No drowsiness with these either. Good for anyone who gets motion sick. That makes these a crucial part of my Christmas Essentials here. Make sure to travel with them or keep some on hand for guests.

I received product in order to facilitate this post. My opinion is all my own and 100 % honest.

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